Formal Methods and Tools

In the Formal Methods and Tools (FMT) research group, formal techniques and tools are developed and used as a means to support the development of software. This includes the development of formal theories of concurrency, design methodologies for distributed systems, and correctness assessment using verification or validation techniques. The group is also concerned with the development of traditional tools such as compilers and interpreters. In both research and courses much attention is paid to the applicability of formal methods.

The FMT group is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) at the University of Twente. The FMT group also participates in the research institute CTIT.

Upcoming Events (for recurrent events only next 7 days are shown)

Monday, 16:00, Hal B 2AMSc Presentation: Vincent Bloemen: On-The-Fly Parallel Decomposition of Strongly Connected Components
Tuesday, 12:30, HB 2ALunch colloqium: Jan Kupers: Title to be announced
Jun 04, 14:30, Waaier 4PhD Defense: Steven te Brinke: Developing Energy-Aware Software
Jun 12, 12:45, Zi 2042Presentation: Ina Schaefer: Title to be announced
Oct 01, 12:30, Waaier 4PhD Defense: Marina Zaharieva-Stojanovski: Title to be announced

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Press Releases and Media Coverage

May 18, 2015

Interview with Jaco van de Pol in Scientias: Wanneer gaat de bitcoin onze harde euro’s vervangen?. [in Dutch]

Apr 29, 2015

Video about the research projects in the ExploRail programme by ProRail, NWO, STW Mariëlle Stoelinga, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Dennis Guck, Enno Ruijters: ExploRail, onderzoeksprogramma ProRail-STW-NWO. [in Dutch]

Apr 24, 2015

Press Release Mariëlle Stoelinga, Nikki Oldemonnikhof, Helma Hoving: Rijksmuseum Twenthe en UT verbinden kunst en high tech in lezingenserie. [in Dutch]

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Latest News

Feb 27, 2015

Rom Langerak nominated for Education Prize 2015

Rom Langerak has been nominated for the Education Prize for Computer Science 2015. On March 3 he will give a mini-lecture, together with the other contestants Maurice van Keulen and Klaas Sikkel. March 9 the winner will be announced by Inter-Actief.

Dec 01, 2014

Marieke Huisman Received NWO Top-grant for Verification of Distributed Software

NWO Exacte Wetenschappen kent aan 16 wetenschappers in de astronomie, informatica en wiskunde of een combinatie van deze disciplines (multidisciplinair) een TOP-subsidie toe. Zeven wetenschappers zijn senior onderzoekers met een bewezen track record, de overige negen zijn junior onderzoekers die aan het begin van hun wetenschappelijke carrière staan. In totaal ontvangen de wetenschappers 6 miljoen euro. 


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Nov 28, 2014

Marieke Huisman Received Professor De Winter Prize

Tijdens de viering van de Dies Natalis van de Universiteit Twente werd vandaag de Professor De Winterprijs uitgereikt aan dr. ir. Séverine Le Gac en prof. dr. Marieke Huisman. Het is de eerste keer in de geschiedenis  van deze publicatieprijs voor vrouwelijk toptalent dat de prijs naar twee onderzoeksters gaat. Le Gac is verbonden aan de UT-onderzoeksinstituten MESA en MIRA; Huismans onderzoek valt onder het CTIT. 



Further information:!/2014/11/350976/professor-de-winterprijs-voor-severine-le-gac-en-marieke-huisman



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Latest Publications

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