Master Students

This webpage holds a list of students currently working on a Master project at FMT, and a list of former students who completed their Master project at FMT.

Students who did their master assignment at FMT are invited to join the LinkedIn group FMT Alumni.


Danny Bergsma - Specification and verification of a compression algorithm in a GPU
Djurre van der Wal - Verification of Wireless Network Protocols (AWN)
Ivaylo Hristov - System for improving analysis of complexes in real estate asset management
Lars Stegeman - Runtime Monitoring of Smart Contracts on Ethereum
Mark Meijerink - A visual DSL for automating business processes
Matthijs Hofstra - Loop invariant generation
Peter van Dijk - Searching for molecular structure using graph transformation
Sophie Lathouwers - Formal Verification of Sanitizers


Jan-Jelle Kester - CheckMerge: A System for Risk Assessment of Code Merges (Apr 2018)
Sebastiaan La Fleur - Formal Verification of Rebel Specifications (Mar 2018)
Thijs Wiefferink - Combining usage and profile data for retrospectively analyzing usability of applications with funnels (Mar 2018)
Twan Coenraad - Improved static type inference for Ruby (Feb 2018)
Folmer Heikamp - Gray-box Network Fuzzing using Genetic Algorithms and Code Coverage (Jan 2018)
Lennart Buit - Domain-specific language for light control queries (Nov 2017)
Janina Torbecke - Symbolic Model Checking with Partitioned BDDs in Distributed Systems (Sep 2017)
Tanja de Jong - Using Requirement Templates to Automate Requirements Formalization (Aug 2017)
Roeland Krak - Cycle-Accurate Timing Channel Analysis of Binary Code (May 2017)
Thom Ritterfeld - On-Demand App Development (Dec 2016)
Richard Heijblom - Using Features Of Models To Improve State Space Exploration (Dec 2016)
Rick Hindriks - Vulnerability Analysis of Cyber Security Modelling Language models using Probabilistic Logic (Dec 2016)
Jelte Zeilstra - A logic to reason about distributed programs (Nov 2016)
Sybe van Hijum - Symbolic Model Checking of Timed Automata (Sep 2016)
Jochem Elsinga - Go to Your Graph: Best-First Search in Graph Transformation (Aug 2016)
Jeroen Vonk - Bisimulation Reduction with MapReduce (Aug 2016)
Ale Strooisma - A monitoring solution for multi-language software (Jul 2016)
Thomas Neele - GPU implementation of Partial-Order Reduction (Jul 2016)
Gert Jan Laverman - Java Code Virtualization of Industrial-strength Java Code (Jul 2016)
Jenny den Ouden - A quest for the best automated tests: Estimating software reliability based on Spec Explorer's on-the-fly test results (May 2016)
David Huistra - Automated Generation of Attack Trees (Mar 2016)
Niels Wolters - Quantitative analysis of attack trees with timed automata (Mar 2016)
Roland Balk - SQLento: Database programming made easier (Jan 2016)
Charl de Leur - Permission-based separation logic for Scala (Aug 2015)
Stijn Gijsen - Runtime checking of concurrent Java programs using permissions (Aug 2015)
Alessio Parzian - Java Card Bytecode Verification (Aug 2015)
Wytse Oortwijn - Distributed Symbolic Reachability Analysis (Jul 2015)
Damiaan van der Kruk - A Domain-Specific Language for Specifying Distributed Real-Time Software System Configurations (Jun 2015)
Vincent Bloemen - On-The-Fly Parallel Decomposition of Strongly Connected Components (Jun 2015)
Jeroen Thunnissen - Communication software for ICU patients (May 2015)
Jurgen Kleverwal - Supervised Text Classification of Medical Triage Reports (Apr 2015)
Atze Bouius - Characterizing the Ripple Effects of Introducing Energy-Awareness Functionality in Cyber-Physical-Systems Software (Jan 2015)
Dennis Windhouwer - The Modularity of the Resource Utilization Model in Python (Dec 2014)
Maryam Haji Ghasemi - Symbolic Model Checking using Zero-suppressed Decision Diagrams (Dec 2014)
Jorne Kandziora - Runtime checking of multithreaded programs (Aug 2014)
Vincent Weber - UTFM - a Next Generation Language and Tool for Feature Modeling (Aug 2014)
Ivo van Hurne - Towards a Unifying Framework for Modelling and Executing Model Transformations (Jun 2014)
Jeroen Meijer - Improving Reachability Analysis in LTSmin (Mar 2014)
Roel ter Maat - A Framework for Modular Implementation of Domain-Specific Event-Based Applications (Mar 2014)
Ruud Welling - Conflict Detection and Analysis for Single-Pushout High-Level Replacement (Feb 2014)
Sandra Drenthen - Towards Continuous Delivery in System Integration Projects (Feb 2014)
Maks Verver - A Framework for Experimentation with Parity Games (Dec 2013)
Marije de Heus - Design and evaluation of a recommender system for high school courses in The Netherlands (Dec 2013)
Freark van der Berg - Model checking LLVM using LTSmin (Dec 2013)
Shirin Zarghami - Middleware for Internet of Things (Nov 2013)
Richard Cornelissen - Towards a Methodology-Growing Framework (Nov 2013)
Ferry Olthuis - A comparison of state space reduction techniques in SCOOP (Sep 2013)
Jelmer ter Wal - Java Collections API Specifications in JML (Sep 2013)
Julien Hemono - Learning Memory Models (Sep 2013)
Björn Postma - Fluid Survival Tool: A model checker for Hybrid Petri nets (Aug 2013)
Daan van Beek - Comparing the LTSmin and NuSMV reachability tools via automatic translation of their respective input languages (Aug 2013)
Marnix van 't Riet - Trace-based debugging for Advanced-Dispatching programming languages (Aug 2013)
Marijn Schuurman - Cloud infrastructure at Hydrologic (May 2013)
Vincent de Bruijn - Model-based testing with graph transformations (Apr 2013)
Rob Bamberg - Non-Deterministic Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets -- Modelling and Analysis (Nov 2012)
Thijs ten Hoeve - Model Based Testing of a PLC Based Interlocking System (Nov 2012)
Harold Bruintjes - Bridging GROOVE to the world using an abstracted language model (Nov 2012)
Ronald Burgman - Partial-order reduction in a dynamic context (Oct 2012)
Lesley Wevers - A Persistent Functional Language for Concurrent Transaction Processing (Aug 2012)
Gerjan Stokkink - Quiescent Transition Systems (Aug 2012)
Bart Postma - AADL Modelling and Analysis of Dependable Space Systems (Aug 2012)
Ruben Oostinga - A Java Bridge for LTSmin (Jul 2012)
Tom van Dijk - Parallel implementation of BDD operations for model checking (Apr 2012)
Tien-Loong Siaw - Saturation for LTSmin (Feb 2012)
Erik Hegeman - On the Quality of Quality models (Jul 2011)
Elwin Pater - Partial Order Reduction for PINS (May 2011)
Martijn Adolfsen - Industrial Validation of Test Coverage Quality (Mar 2011)
Erik Slomp - Reducing UPPAAL models through control flow analysis (Sep 2010)
Stefan Teijgeler - Connecting Groove to the World using XMI (Aug 2010)
Gijs Kant - Distributed State Space Generation for Graphs up to Isomorphism (Aug 2010)
Olaf Keijsers - Extending the Groove Control Language with variables (Jun 2010)
Jan Scherer - An Eclipse-Based Debugger for Embedded Systems Software (Apr 2010)
Alex Admiraal - Automated ANTLR Treewalker Generation (Feb 2010)
Matthijs Ooms - Provenance Management in Practice (Sep 2009)
Wim J. Bos - Interactive Signaling Network Analysis Tool (Aug 2009)
Wouter M. Everse - Modelling and Verification of a Shortest Path Tree Protocol (Jul 2009)
Richard Rietema - Automatic Verification and Analysis of Test Results of Océ Printers (May 2009)
Berteun Damman - Representing PCTL Counterexamples (Dec 2008)
Marc de Jonge - The SpinJ Model Checker (Sep 2008)
Jeroen Mengerink - SeCo - A Tool for Semantic Test Coverage (Aug 2008)
Frank J. van Es - Type Inference for Graph Transformation Systems (Jul 2008)
Mark Timmer - Evaluating and Predicting Actual Test Coverage (Jun 2008)
Paul F.Th. Zandbergen - A Bayesian network reliability software tool (May 2008)
Viet Yen Nguyen - Optimising Techniques for Model Checkers (Dec 2007)
Jeroen van Yperen - SPEX: A Simple Promela EXplorer for TorX (Nov 2007)
Riemer van Rozen - A Debugging Framework for NIPS (Oct 2007)
Niels H.M. Aan de Brugh - Software Model Checking for Mono (Sep 2007)
Jan-Hendrik Kuperus - Nested Quantification in Graph Transformation Rules (Jun 2007)
Niek Sombekke - Graph-Based Semantics of the .NET Intermediate Language (May 2007)
Arend E. van Putten - Behavioural Hybrid Process Calculus - Translation to Modelica (May 2007)
H.A. (Marcel) Oldenkamp - Probabilistic model checking: a comparison of tools (May 2007)
Emond Papegaaij - The Tree Processing Language (Mar 2007)
Ivo J. ter Horst - Performance Evaluation in an Early Development Phase (Feb 2007)
Pepijn Crouzen - Compositional Analysis of Dynamic Fault Trees using IOIMCs (Dec 2006)
Mark A. Kattenbelt - Towards an Explicit-State Model Checking Framework (Sep 2006)
M. Helen Schonenberg - Bhave! - Discrete Simulation of Behavioural Hybrid Process Calculus (Sep 2006)
Tim Kemna - Bisimulation Minimisation and Probabilistic Model Checking (Aug 2006)
Johan Gorter - Modeling and Analysis of the Liveness UPnP Extension (Apr 2006)
Jasper K. Berendsen - Reachability in Weighted Probabilistic Timed Automata (Dec 2005)
Bas V.J.M. Huisman - Formal Analysis and Comparison of Siemens' DIS based architectures (Aug 2004)
Maneesh Khattri & Mhd. Reza M. I. Pulungan - Model Checking Markov Reward Models with Impulse Rewards (Jun 2004)
Michèl A.J. Rosien - Design and Implementation of a Systematic State Explorer (Mar 2001)


If you are interested in carrying out a MSc assignment at the FMT group, please contact dr. Marieke Huisman, the study advisor of FMT.