Call for Contributions

Workshop on GPGPU Systems: from hardware to programming and performance

GPGPU computing is a performance-enabling technology for many applications and domains. Despite its popularity, GPGPU computing remains scattered, lacking a thorough state-of-the-art analysis. It is the mission of our project, within 3TU.NIRICT, to perform this analysis, sketch the national landscape of GPGPU computing, and design the (long-term) roadmap of GPGPU computing in the Netherlands.
To be able to achieve these ambitious goals, we have split our effort in three themes “Systems”, “Applications” and “Correctness”. We will collect data on the state-of-practice in each of these themes, and build the full picture in the coming months.
We invite *you* to actively participate in this community! Come and tell us what you are doing or will want to do with GPGPUs in the near future!
To facilitate the dialogue, we organize three full-day workshops, where we invite presentations from both academia and industry. These presentations are aimed at getting to know the GPGPU computing community in the Netherlands, thus strengthening our collaborations and research potential.
The first workshop, dedicated to “Systems”, will take place on *October 28th, 2016*, in Utrecht. To make this a success, we invite you to *submit your work on GPGPU Systems* in the form of an extended abstract (not exceeding 1-page in length for content, and at most 1 page for references and appendixes). We will select the most relevant contributions by October 20th, and we will invite their authors to present their work during the workshop. We will end the workshop with a brainstorming session where participants can actively contribute to the roadmap.

Please submit your contributions here.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- GPU designs
- Large-scale GPU systems
- Heterogeneous systems
- Programming models and tools for GPGPU (including domain specific ones)
- Performance analysis and modeling tools
- Embedded systems using GPUs

Important dates:
- abstract submission deadline - October 17th, 2016 (midnight, CET)
- author notification - October 20th, 2016
- workshop date - October 28th, 2016 (all day, in Utrecht)

For any questions concerning this event, please email