author: Ruben Haasjes
keywords: software product lines, model-based testing
topics: Dependability, security and performance , Testing
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga
started: April 2016
end: July 2016


This assignment is about testing software embedded in cars: modern cars contain about 10 milion lines of code, 50 microprocessors and 2km of electric wires, repsonsible for essential functions like cruise control, automatic transmission, airbag inflation etc. Proper testing is important; see eg this movie what can go wrong in car software. 

In this assignment, we consider testing of software product lines, i.e. families of similar products (in our case different types and models of a car); in partiular we will use case studies from Volkswagen or Daimler. Rather than generating tests for each model over and over again, we will do this incrementally, by seeing what is different for the current model compared to the previous model.


- understand the concept of software product lines (esp in the automotive industry)

- understand what test cases are generated with current methods- see how these test cases can be generated

- see how we can define test coverage for product lines

This project will be carried out in cooperation with Ina Schaefer from TU Braunsweig, Germany and Malte Lochau, TU Darmstadt, Germany. A visit to Braunsweig and/or Darmstadt can be an option travel costs will be refunded). 

Additional Resources

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