author: Bas van den Brink
title: Implementation of an efficient state exploration algorithm in Java
keywords: Java programming, multi-core programming, parallel algorithms, compression algorithm
topics: Algorithms and Data Structures
committee: Afshin Amighi ,
Marieke Huisman
end: June 2014


Exploring states using a scalable algorithm is one of the performance issues that any search algorithm can benefit. One of the core components in these algorithms is an efficient mechanism to handle state vectors. To achive an efficient algorithm it is recommended to employ a one-method lock-less hash table. 

On the other hand, mult-core architecture offer a high level of parallelism to parallel algorithms. To increase the performance of the algorithms a multi-core lock-less hash table is proposed by FMT group [1] and implemented with C. The project aims to implement an efficient Java variant of the algorithm.


+ Study the literature

+ Implement lockless hashtable data structure in Java

+ Execute benchmarks




  1. Alfons Laarman, Jaco van de Pol, Michael Weber: Parallel Recursive State Compression for Free. SPIN 2011: 38-56 (Digital version available here)

Additional Resources

  1. The paper