author: Marlène Hol
title: Modeling quiescence via timed automata
topics: Graphs
committee: Mariëlle Stoelinga ,
Marcus Gerhold
started: February 2015
end: June 2015


Quiescence is the absence of outputs in a labelled transition system. Quiescent Transition Systems (QTSs) are labelled transition systems that can model quiescence explicitly. Time outs in combination with QTSs are often used to determine quiescence in model-based testing. This is not yet done in a systematic and standardized way. This paper proposes a way to add quiescence to Timed Automata (TAs), the Quiescent Timed Automaton (QTA). TAs are transition systems extended with realvalued clocks. It is possible to determine quiescence in model-based testing via QTAs, because of the extra clock x that can be added to a TA to determine if quiescence is the case. The paper ensures that QTAs can be used for determining quiescence in testing, since it provides proof that it is an valid alternative for QTSs which does not alter the behavior of QTSs. Furthermore, a way is proposed to create a QTA from a labelled transition system and to directly create a QTA from a QTS and vice versa. QTAs as alternative for QTSs provide a foundation for a practical and systematic way of testing, which is now only done intuitively. The contribution of the QTA is therefore relevant for model-based testing with quiescence.


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