author: Frans van Dijk
title: Implementing ROBDD algorithms on FPGA using CλaSH
keywords: Binary Decision Diagrams, ROBDD, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FPGA, CλaSH, Hardware Design, Functional Languages, Haskell
topics: Algorithms and Data Structures , Languages
committee: Jaco van de Pol
started: November 2017
end: February 2018


Performing operations on BDDs can be very time consuming.
Accelerating these computations with the use of multi-core systems and GPUs has already been explored.
However, the use of purpose-built hardware has not yet been explored.
With the goal of creating fast and efficient purpose-built hardware this paper describes how the ROBDD Apply algorithm can be implemented on an FPGA.
This paper achieves this using the functional hardware description language ClaSH.