author: Sophie Lathouwers
title: VerCors support for SecCSL
keywords: security, verification, separation logic
topics: Logics and semantics
committee: Marieke Huisman ,
Sophie Lathouwers


Ernst and Murray1 recently proposed SecCSL, a concurrent separation logic for proving information flow security properties.

In the FMT group we have developed the VerCors program verifier which uses concurrent separation logic to reason about the correctness of programs.
In this project, we want to investigate how we could adapt the VerCors verifier to support SecCSL.

The following steps would be necessary:

  • Understand SecCSL
  • Understand the VerCors architecture
  • Investigate how to adapt VerCors to Support SecCSL
  • Implement the necessary changes

[1] "SecCSL: Security Concurrent Separation Logic" by G. Ernst and T. Murray (CAV 2019)