author: Alexander Drechsel, Sander Vlutters, Stanley Huang, Henley Ding, Jeffrey Steen
title: OV Pong
keywords: Android, Pong, OV Software
topics: Case studies and Applications
committee: Marieke Huisman ,
Wojciech Mostowski
started: September 2013
end: January 2014


The purpose of this project is to design and extend an existing Pong game for Android to include new features, most importantly:

  • multi-player, server based network game
  • storing of players login data and high scores
  • obstacles in the game and associated effects (power-ups and power-downs)

The result of the project is a demo product developed for the project client, the OV Software company from Oldenzaal. Further details of the project can be found in the attached pdf.

Additional Resources

  1. The paper