author: Ansgar Fehnker
title: Better Code in Programming Class
keywords: Static Analysis, Automated Feedback
topics: Case studies and Applications , Software Technology
committee: Ansgar Fehnker


Better Code Hub is a tool that provides high-level feedback on software projects ( It is made to provide experienced developers with a quick view on how to improve their code base. The aim of the project is to make better code hub available to student assistants, helping them to provide quality feedback to students during tutorials or marking. The aim of the projects is to build a service that links the canvas submission systems to a repository and uses  Better Code Hub to provide the student assistant with a quick overview of the code quality. Part of the project is to develop realistic scenarios where this service can be used, that have been worked out and tested. Students who want to take part in this project should have experience in building a web service, working with web APIs, git, and developer tools.