title: An Application with GUI Implementation for Automatic ANT File Creation for Model Transformations
keywords: ANT, Epsilon, Workflow Orchestration, Model-Driven Software Engineering
topics: Case studies and Applications , Languages , Software Technology
committee: Bugra M. Yildiz
type: Internship in Software Engineering


An Application with GUI Implementation for Automatic ANT File Creation for Model Transformations


Epsilon: Epsilon (Extensible Platform of Integrated Languages for mOdel maNagement) provides a set of domain-specific languages for model management tasks such as model transformation, refactoring, etc.

ANT: Although model managements tasks can be executed in isolation from each other, this is not usually the case. We expect to combine these tasks to form workflows for specific purposes such as a pipeline of model management steps or automating experiments. Therefore, it is important to have some mechanism to form the needed workflows of these tasks. Epsilon provies a set of ANT tasks for this reason. ANT is a platform independent framework for composing tasks to generate workflows.

Challenge: Concrete snytax of ANT is a XML-based textual language. The usage of this language requires the users to learn about the language and do textual modification for creating the workflows. Since the number of tasks and the task types are limited, this gives a good opportunity to define a user interface for creating and managing ANT files without getting into the details of the underlying text-based language.

Aim: The aim of this internship project is to develop a Java application for allowing users to create and manage ANT files automatically with a graphical user interface.
- Implementation of a Java application with a GUI which automaticall generates and manages ANT files for model transformations.


- You will have an experience of implementing a model-driven software engineering approach with most recent tools,
- You will apply theoretical knowledge on practice,
- You will learn how to manage and design domain-specific languages and models.

Epsilon website: http://www.eclipse.org/epsilon/


  1. Epsilon website (Digital version available here)