author: Richard Heijblom
title: NRG group - Risk assessment for software components
company: NRG group, arnhem
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga
started: February 2015


How do we design our nuclear plants, dikes, railway systems and heart monitors such that they are safe and reliable? Quantitative risk assessments methods that ensure that the risks related to computing systems lie within acceptable boundaries.

Classic risk assessment methods, like fault tree analysis, are geared to compute risks related to hardware failures, like pumps, switches and power supply that fail. Since more and more functionality is implemented in software, we are faced with the challenges to incorporate quantitative information about software methods in risk assessments. 

Results of this internship are the improvement of the spare part managment models combined with fault tree analysis.

NRG (nuclear research group) is a consultancy firm that seeks to analyse and optimize the operation of their consumers, using in-depth technical knowledge about processes, risks, reliability and that gives practical advice about these aspects.