title: Model-driven engineering in health care organizations
company: Promedico
keywords: model-driven engineering, model-based testing
topics: Software Technology , Testing
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga


Model Driven Engineering has become a mature software engineering methodology. MDE has, among other things, as a goal to improve the productivity and quality of the software (engineering process). MDE is a model driven development technique, which means that various kinds of models are used throughout the development process. These models describe the desired solution at a very high level of abstraction and are transformed to a model with a lower level of abstraction. These higher level models enable the verification of all kinds of properties. Finally, the software code can be generated automatically from the models based on further transformations.

The goal of this research is to develop technologies that use models to automatically create test cases. This use of MDE is commonly referred to as Model Based Testing or MBT. We would like to develop a basic infrastructure to support MBT in context of OutSystems. The OutSystems Agile Platform is an application lifecycle management system that enables enterprises and SMEs to create, maintain and operate web business applications using agile methods. The infrastructure that we want to build around Outsystems should have the potential to support at least the capabilities offered by existing MBT such as NModel but also test execution tools, such as Ranorex, and possibly more. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Use of high-level models in MBT (e.g., UML, SysML, BMPN, etc.)

 - (Re)use /extract of existing models for MBT

- Use of related Modeling Framework tools in MBT

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- Are you curious, do you want to both research and experiment with as well as realise and implement;

- Are you interested in state-of-the-art software engineering tools and methodologies;

- Do you have knowledge and skills in the areas of Java/C#, Eclipse, Outsystems, UML, EMF;

- Are you interested in methodologies such as MDE and MBT Send your CV and a short motivation to rkherrazi@promedico.nl;