author: Mart Oude Weernink
title: Developing a system for the integration of vehicle data
keywords: Data Intecration, Electric Vehicles
topics: Case studies and Applications , Software Technology
committee: Arend Rensink ,
Hans Moonen
started: December 2017
end: August 2018


In the fast growing E-Mobility market, it is increasingly important to properly support the charging process of Electric Vehicles (EV). Allego as Charge Point Operator (CPO) offers services to manage EV-charging infrastructures. Integration of vehicle data can help to support the current services and offerings and also offers opportunities for new services. The integration of vehicle data can thus enable a CPO to extend and expand its service offering.

This thesis discusses the different data sources and protocols that can be used to gather vehicle data. In addition, the various applications of vehicle data within the scope of a CPO are identified. Due to the great diversity of data sources and protocols that can be used to access vehicle data, a versatile platform needs to be set up to cope with this diversity in an efficient, flexible and scalable manner. This thesis gives an architecture that enables the integration and combination of multiple data sources. Based on existing middleware techniques and applications in practice, an architecture for a platform is created that connects (internal and external) systems in in an action-driven manner.

The architecture developed has been designed in such a way that data can be integrated in a flexible and scalable manner. The principles developed can also be applied to other assets, such as charging stations.

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