title: Master projects at Info Support
company: Info Support
keywords: software technology
topics: Software Technology


The Info Support company has a number of possible research projects that you might be interested in.

You are about to complete your study with a master thesis. An important moment in your student career. The Research Center of Info Support offers you the opportunity to graduate at a scientific level within the framework of our IT practice.

Info Support is a leading software company that makes high-end custom technology solutions for companies in the fintech, health, energy, public transport and agritech sectors. We work with a talented team of 500 engineers embracing an agile mindset and software craftmanship.

We are proud to have awarded distinguished engineers in the field of AI, software architecture, open source, Java, .NET, cloud and agile, speaking at tech conferences around the world.

Furthermore we are supporting the developer community by contributing at several open source initiatives.

Our Research Ambitions

Ambitions are research questions of which the answers will give us the opportunity to determine the future. After that we present the research assignments that we came up with, with research questions that you could answer in your master thesis assignment.

Our Master Thesis subjects & Ambitions

Our master thesis assignments are divided into two seperate subjects:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Architecture

Discover our research assignments examples in Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture and learn more about graduating at Info Support and our Research Center on masterthesisatinfosupport.com.