author: Rob Stortelder
title: Enabling Centralized Access to a Reactive Architecture for Hardware Control Systems
company: Thales
keywords: software engineering, concurrency, asynchronous, synchornous, API gateway
topics: Dependability, security and performance , Logics and semantics , Software Technology
committee: Ansgar Fehnker ,
Luís Ferreira Pires
started: May 2019
end: September 2019


This study describes the process of introducing an API gateway with cross-cutting features into a reactive architecture. The aim of this implementation is to introduce these cross-cutting features into the architecture without changing the services of the reactive architecture. Ex- amples of cross-cutting features are: security, tracing, monitoring and request composition. The target design required the translation of an asynchronous protocol to a synchronous protocol. This was achieved by identifying conversations based on sequence diagrams of current communications in the architecture of Thales.