author: Vincent de Bruijn
title: Model-based testing with graph transformations
company: Axini
keywords: Model-based testing, GROOVE, graph transformation, validation
topics: Graphs , Testing
committee: Arend Rensink ,
Mariƫlle Stoelinga ,
Axel Belinfante , M. van der Bijl
started: September 2011
end: April 2013


Graph Grammars describe system behavior through graphs and graph transformation rules. Graph Grammars have not been used for Model-Based Testing. However, Graph Grammars have many structural advantages, which are potential benefits for the model-based testing process. We describe a model-based testing setup with Graph Grammars. The result is a system for automatic test generation from Graph Grammars. A graph transformation tool, GROOVE (GRaphs for Object-Oriented VErification), and a model-based testing tool using Symbolic Transition Systems, ATM (Axini TestManager), are used as the backbone of the system.

One result of this report is a technique for the generation of a Symbolic Transition System from a Graph Grammar. This technique is implemented in a tool, GRATiS (GROOVE-Axini Testing System). This tool allows the user to model systems in Graph Grammars. It generates Symoblic Transition Systems and performs model-based testing on the modelled system. This tool is shown to be useful for the model-based testing paradigm, a.o. by showing its effectiveness in five case studies. Performance measurements on the case studies show the technique implemented in GRATiS scales well. Another measurements shows a complexity difference between Graph Grammars and Symbolic Transition Systems: the first uses a bigger vocabulary and the latter uses more repetition to model the same behavior.


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