Presentation: Dynamic Provisioning of Radio Spectrum in Next generation Wireless Communication

When: Feb. 20, 2014, 10:00-11:00

Where: Zi 2042

Who: Rajesh Kumar

Radio Communication is a complex network experiencing hostile physical characteristics such as time varying multi-path propagation losses limited by interference from other users and operating under the spectrum regulatory regime. I present a stochastic model based opportunistic channel access and transmission scheme for cognitive radio enabled secondary users for single data channel. In this scheme, the SU randomly senses the channel and if the channel is sensed idle, then it uses residual idle time distribution to estimate its transmission duration such that the probability of its interference with PU is below a predefined threshold. I derive analytical formulae for computing the average raw SU frames per transmission operation, average raw SU throughput, and the average sensing overhead for SU. Here, I will also discuss about modeling of 4G Wireless Communication in an Interference limited situation using partial Channel state Information in MU-MIMO and observe the increased throughput and channel capacity.