Presentation: Wearable Technology

When: June 12, 2014, 12:40-13:40

Where: Waaier 3

Who: Kristin Neidlinger


Kristin Neidlinger is here on a one week visit and will share her journey of founding SENSOREE therapeutic - healing technology that enhances sensory awareness. The concept began with her MFA thesis from CCA, 2010, to Design wearable technologies to augment Sensory Processing Disorder. Now, it is an emerging business.
Kristin Neidlinger
SENSOREE founder, future concepts designer — endeavors to craft phenomenal technology to enhance and expand physical embodiment. She has a background in dance, kinetic costumes, and in physical therapies as a Dance Medicine Specialist. With her MFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts, 2010, she became curious as to how wearable computers could be therapeutic, emotive, and enhance sensory awareness. Kristin is honored to have her works presented by technology conferences, in fashion shows, and museums. Currently, on exhibit with Futurotextiles3