Workshop: Dutch Testing Day 2014

When: Nov. 17, 2014, 9:00-16:30

Where: De Eenhoorn, Amersfoort

Who: other:

The Dutch Testing Day is a one day conference, covering all aspects of software testing. The theme of the 2014 edition is: Sharing visions on software testing in the world of research, education and business, symbolizing our search towards synergy between these worlds. What does this theme imply in concrete terms?



Software engineering is a terrain that changes rapidly and this also impacts the testing of software. Think about the changing role of test engineers in projects, the constantly growing diversity of platforms on which software is being installed, shifts in programming languages and paradigms, and phenomena such as cloud computing, big data and ‘internet of things’. New challenges and test strategies emerge, which in turn also need new testing techniques.



The following topics (but are not limited to) are included within the theme of the Dutch Testing Day 2014:- Testing in multi-functional teams: e.g. agile, testops, devops- Teams cooperation in testing: e.g. in agile projects, in hybrid projects (projects combining agile and non-agile)- Testing mobile software: functionality, multi-platform, security- How to test ‘internet of things’?- The impact of cloud computing on testing, and how to test cloud services- Big data: what’s the impact on testing? Testing big data software- Context-driven testing: the scientific approach- Continuous integration, continuous delivery- Test automationWe are looking for experience build up in the software industry (the business), research results, and proposals about educational aspects. If a topic is not listed: well-motivated proposal will be taken into consideration.



With this call for proposals we invite you to send us a proposal for a presentation about a suitable subject. This proposal can relate to a certain research or survey, practical experience, or address the theme ‘sharing visions’. The presentations can be given in either Dutch or English. The duration of the presentation is limited to 30 minutes, including questions and answers.SelectionThe proposals will be judged by an independent Programme Committee, consisting of experts, on a number of aspects (such as the link between the proposal and the theme and how inspirational the proposal is).Sending in the proposalsProposals can be sent directly to The deadline is July 31, 2014. Please monitor our website ( for announcements and changes. On the website you will also find the form to be used for sending in your proposal.