Presentation: Efficient Testing of Software Variants and Versions

When: June 12, 2015, 12:45-13:30

Where: Zi 2042

Who: Ina Schaefer

Modern software systems are getting more and more complex. On the on hand, software is continuously enhanced over time, adding new features and possibilities, creating new versions. On the other hand, the demand for customizable software leads to different variants of the same product offering diverse features to the customer. Still, quality of these systems has to be ensured by testing them. Due to the potentially high amount of both versions and variants, it is not feasible to test everything thoroughly. Instead, efficient testing techniques have to be developed to focus on the most important test cases for each version or variant. In this talk, I present different approaches for efficiently testing variants and versions based on intelligent test case selection and prioritization as well as on delta-oriented regression testing techniques for reducing the testing effort.