Upcoming Presentations

Every Thursday, at 15:45 in Cubicus B209. This location is reserved at least until November 8. Deviations from this are marked in bold.

Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially ST students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.

Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.

Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.

Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

<< Events of 2018 >>

Date Speaker Title
Dec. 20, 15:45 Rom Langerak Title to be announced
Dec. 13, 15:45 Freark van der Berg Model checking LLVM IR in the context of relaxed memory models
Dec. 6, 15:45 Sebastiaan Joosten Static verification in a verified environment: vcg in Isabelle
Nov. 29, 15:45 Peter Schroten A Domain Specific Language for Board Games
Nov. 22, 15:45 (open) Title to be announced
Nov. 15, 15:45 Enno Ruijters Importance sampling for dynamic fault trees
Nov. 1, 15:45 Mehmet Akşit Nine Inherent Problems in Software Engineering
Oct. 25, 15:45 Carlos Budde Rare Event Simulation (Again?) (Yes)
Oct. 18, 15:45 Floris Weers Real Time Volumetric Capture
Oct. 11, 15:45 Christopher Gerking Tracing Information Flow Security in Model-Driven Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems
Oct. 4, 15:45 Lars Stegeman Runtime verification of Smart Contracts
Sept. 27, 15:45 Jaco van de Pol Parameter Synthesis Algorithms for Parametric Interval Markov Chains
Sept. 20, 15:45 Laure Petrucci Layered and Collecting NDFS with Subsumption for Parametric Timed Automata
Sept. 13, 15:45 Antoine Veenstra Introduction of the new FMT website
Sept. 6, 15:45 (open) Title to be announced
Aug. 30, 13:00 Marieke Huisman Reasoning about JML: Differences between KeY and OpenJML
July 31, 12:30 Yuliya Butkova Continuous-Time Markov Decisions based on Partial Exploration
July 26, 15:45 Carlos Budde (Importance) Splitting (for) fault trees
July 19, 15:45 Arend Rensink Defining Software Agility
July 13, 11:00 Wojtek Jamroga Model Checking Strategic Ability: Why, What, and Especially: How?
July 12, 15:45 Jaco van de Pol High-performance Model Checking — 10 years of LTSmin
July 5, 15:45 Sebastiaan Joosten Experiences of an Isabelle/HOL user doing Static Verification
June 28, 15:45 Rob van Glabbeek Is speed-independent mutual exclusion implementable?
June 21, 15:45 ST colloquium Polder Valley
June 14, 15:45 Zhiwei Guo Sufficient degree conditions for traceability of claw-free graphs
June 7, 15:45 Qiannan Zhou On the spectra of general random mixed graphs
May 31, 15:45 Vincent Bloemen Symbolically Aligning Observed and Modelled Behaviour and Maximizing Synchronization
May 24, 15:45 Wytse Oortwijn Combined Static and Runtime Verification of Distributed Objects
May 17, 15:45 Birna van Riemsdijk Formal Methods for Intimate Computing
May 3, 15:45 Hans van der Laan HermieLab: learning models of GUI-based Java programs made easy!
April 26, 15:45 Mohsen Safari Computation and Communication-Efficient Algorithms for Solving the Shortest Path Problem on GPUs
April 12, 15:45 Arnd Hartmanns A Hierarchy of Scheduler Classes for Stochastic Automata
April 5, 15:45 Marcus Gerhold Model-Based Testing for General Stochastic Time
March 29, 15:45 Joost-Pieter Katoen How to prove that a program almost surely terminate?
March 22, 15:45 Mohsen Safari Locality-Based Relaxation: An Efficient Method for GPU-Based Computation of Shortest Paths
March 15, 15:45 Hoang Gia Nguyen Enhanced Distributed Behavioral Cartography of Parametric Timed Automata
March 8, 15:45 Ansgar Fehnker The Smell of Processing
March 6, 15:00 Jan-Jelle Kester A System for Risk Assessment of Code Merges
Feb. 22, 15:45 ST colloquium Title to be announced
Feb. 15, 15:45 Jan-Jelle Kester Cancelled: A System for Risk Assessment of Code Merges Reason: Illness
Feb. 15, 15:45 Laure Petrucci Efficient Parameter Synthesis Using Optimized State Exploration Strategies
Feb. 8, 15:45 Thijs Wiefferink Parallel Prefix Sum: A Case Study for GPGPU Program Verification
Jan. 30, 12:30 Sebastiaan la Fleur Static Analysis of Symbolic Transition Systems with Goose
Jan. 23, 12:30 Rajesh Kumar Quantitative security and safety analysis with attack-fault trees
Jan. 16, 12:00 Ida Hamer den Special: Administrative Lunchmeeting
Jan. 9, 12:30 Arend Rensink Defining software change