Upcoming Presentations

This next Thursday 14 of February, at 15:45 in Ravelijn 4237, we will have our weekly colloquium with Ramon Onis. This colloquium is public, so everybody is invited to attend.

<< Events of 2019 >>

Date Speaker Title
May 23, 15:45 Paula Herber Title to be announced
May 2, 15:45 Zhiwei Guo Compatible spanning circuits in edge-colored graphs
April 25, 15:45 FREE SLOT Title to be announced
April 18, 15:45 Sung-Shik Jongmans Title to be announced
April 11, 15:45 Wei Zheng Two hamiltonian properties of graphs on the condition of toughness
April 4, 15:45 Qiannan Zhou Something about me and my study
March 28, 15:45 Arnd Hartmanns QComp 2019: The First Friendly Competition of Tools for the Analysis of Quantitative Formal Models
March 21, 15:45 FREE SLOT Title to be announced
March 14, 15:45 Stephen Siegel Title to be announced
March 7, 15:45 Sophie Lathouwers Reasoning about the correctness of sanitizers
Feb. 28, 15:45 Carlos Budde Title to be announced
Feb. 14, 15:45 Ramon Onis Making a sanity checker for Uppaal
Feb. 7, 15:45 Jeroen Meijer Learning-Based Testing in the LearnLib
Jan. 24, 15:45 Lukas Miedema Verification of JVM Bytecode: The whole story
Jan. 17, 15:45 Jorryt Dijkstra & Kevin van der Vlist Digital transformation of the ING bank
Jan. 10, 15:45 Wytse Oortwijn Concurrency Verification with VerCors