EWI Alumnus Dino Distefano receives prestigious Roger Needham award

On Thursday 29 November last, Dino Distefano, who in 2002 received his PhD degree at the FMT group of the Department of Computer Science (EWI), gave a honorary lecture at the official reception of the prestigious Roger Needham Award of the British Computer Society. The award is given annually for a distinguished research contribution in computer science by a UK based researcher who has completed up to 10 years of post-doctoral research.

Dino, who after his graduation went to work at the Queen Mary college in London (where he was appointed professor after winning this award), gave a presentation on “Memory Safety Proofs for the Masses”, in which he reported on recent successes in the automatic detection of certain types of errors in industrial-sized code bases (such as, among others, the 5M-lines Android operating system). See www.bcs.org/needham/2012 for more information.

The first picture shows Dino at his honorary lecture, the second shows him with his proud PhD supervisors, Joost-Pieter Katoen (right) and Arend Rensink (left).

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December 6, 2012
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