Bug #146

on mac, when using SWT 3.5 cocoa version, we seem to loose quit some speed in progress bars

Added by Axel Belinfante about 11 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:28 Jun 2009
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therefore, we currently use SWT 3.5 with carbon - even though Text selection for highlighting works much nicer in the cocoa version
(in the carbon version, when the JTorX window is not active because we press an step up.down button in anidot or animisc, we do no see the highlight change in JTorX except when the Text window has to scroll.)

need to rethink how we deal with the progress bars

for example:
  • get rid of the use of separate Threads for updates - to fix the out-of-order (related) issues
  • do not update display when updating progress bar
  • instead, set a flag/arm a timer such that at some point in near future update will be run
  • either via a separate thread that runs say once every 100ms, or
  • by, when updating progress bar, remembering when we last run update, and run it again if we think that enoug time has passed

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