Bug #214

JTorX 1.2.0 crashes when .jrrc file contains syntax error

Added by Axel Belinfante almost 11 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:10 Nov 2009
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When jararaca, the tool that is used to process .jrrc and .tp files, detects a syntax error,
it reports its and exits.
JTorX then crashes

Work around: before you use a .jrrc or .tp file with JTorX, first run jararaca on the file.
In the linux and windows distributions of JTorX, jararaca (resp. jararaca.exe) is present in
the single directory (folder) contained in the .tgz resp. .zip file.
In the mac distribution, jararaca is in a subdirectory of the JTorX .app directory:

From inside the linux jtorx-1.2.0 directory resp. the JTorX-1.2.0.app/Contents/Resources/Java
jararaca can be run at the command prompt as:

./jararaca  path/to/your/file.jrrc
./jararaca  path/to/your/file.tp

on windows, use

jararaca.exe  path\to\your\file.jrrc
jararaca.exe  path\to\your\file.tp

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