Feature #286

visualize potential next test step?

Added by Axel Belinfante over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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it would be cool if, when we click on a possible stimulus or (valid) expected observation, the corresponding edge in the automaton animation would be highlighted.
(this only involves the automaton visualization - it does not concern the msc (or does it?))

this has one problem: because it is potential behaviour, this should not be part of the remembered test run in automaton.
moreover, it should be shown in visualization of model and susp automaton, but not in the msc, nor in the Testrun.

the automaton 'memory' part of the solution is the feature that we use during simulation, where we have a tree of runs, to be able to explore (highlight) alternatives before actually doing the next test step.
how to deal with the msc is less clear right now.

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