Bug #550

simulation of primer (suspension automaton) of STS: determinization is not used when one action label enables multiple actions from current menu

Added by Axel Belinfante almost 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:07 Sep 2011
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for the attached login01.sax we get in the Primer simulator for the initial state a menu containing actions:
  • ?login("admin","pippo")
  • delta
  • ?login(usr,pass) [usr!="" && pass != ""]

Now, when we click on the first action (?login("admin","pippo")) we should go to a state reachable by bot the first and the third action, because the chosen label also enabled the third action, and thus also both switches should be highlighted in the visualizion of the STS.
However, only one is highlighted.

We see this even better with variant login01b.sax.
In the simulator we see only loopTwoB or loopTwoA, but not both, when we do ?login("admin","pippo"), either directly, or via Use of action ?login(usr,pass) [usr!="" && pass != ""].
In a test run, when we do action ?login("admin","pippo") we go to a state where both loopTwoB and loopTwoA are enabled.

login01.sax (3.19 KB) Axel Belinfante, 07 Sep 2011 10:04

login01b.sax (4.64 KB) Axel Belinfante, 07 Sep 2011 10:04

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