Retracted: JTorX v1.10.0-beta5

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

The downloads for JTorX v1.10.0-beta5 have been removed, because there are issues with the construction of the suspension automaton.
(glitches due to merging tau-loop detection into the existing determinisation/quiescence synthesis algorithm)

Changes w.r.t. v1.10.0-beta4:

New features:

  • to deal with divergence that is caused by tau-loops: new option to mark states on tau-loops as quiescent (by default off)
  • moved seed-for-simulator config item from Config pane to Test pane (for convenience) + added tool tips
    (also reorganized visualization buttons in Test pane)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed some bugs in highlighting of states in visualization
    • highlight of first test step was missing
    • highlight of simulated-model-used-as-implementation with tau steps could re-highlight last state of trace of previous test step as first state of trace of current test step (now grey)
    • in highlight of simulation of Primer (suspension automaton) removed spurious highlighted tau transitions
  • slightly improved robustness of torx-explorer support + cleaned up printing of caught exceptions