JTorX v1.9.4

Added by Axel Belinfante almost 8 years ago

Identical to v1.9.3, except for changes in STS library; the jar files included are built from stsimulator svn revision 344.
+ one additional bug fix

Bug fixes in STS support (in stsimulator) :
  • fix bug in + operation on doubles (stsimultor svn revision 336)
  • fix bug in handling of unobservable (tau) actions (stsimulator revision 337)
Additional bug fix:
  • allow very short model/guide/impl file names (could crash on names with < 3 characters)

Extended code in STS support that extracts name-value bindings for the interaction variables from switch restrictions (guards) combined with valuation of location variables.

The STS support jar files now contain the svn revision number in the Manifest; this numbers is also show (on standard error) when the stsimulator (STS support) is started.