JTorX v1.10.0-beta8

Added by Axel Belinfante almost 8 years ago

Changes to the STS library, identical to those in JTorX v1.9.4 (STS support jar files are built from stsimulator svn revision 344)
+ one additional bug fix

Bug fixes:
  • when checking for divergence that is caused by tau-loops is enabled, add all states on tau loop as target of delta
  • allow very short model/guide/impl file names (could crash on names with < 3 characters)
New features:
  • extended logging: capture all A_LOG lines from torx-explorer and torx-adapter to log
  • print SUBEDGENAME lines to log, containing id's of tau transitions leading to current (Tester) state
    (when for such transition no id is known, a '_' (underscore) is printed)
    curently, the items in the SUBEDGENAME are sorted using natural sorting order;
    for efficiency reasons it would be better to let such sorting be done by the program that analyzes the log