These forums are about the RDT (Rule Driven Transformation) tool that is being developed in the CHARTER project.
    All bugs, problems and questions can be posted here.

  • Jenkins

    FMT continuous integration server

  • JTorX

    A Tool for Model-Based Testing (implemented in Java)

  • LTSmin

    LTSmin, originally Minimization and Instantiation of Labelled Transition Systems, has become a language-independent model checker that offers a wide spectrum of parallel and symbolic algorithms to deal with the state space explosion of different verification problems. ...

    • SpinS

      SpinS is an LTSmin language frontend for Promela, written in Java. SpinS is a spin-off of SpinJa, which generated Java code from Promela models, while SpinS generates C code implementing LTSmin's PINS interface.

      NOTE: we have moved to github:

  • NIPS

    A Virtual Machine for State Space Generation

  • Puptol

    Publish yOur Prototype Tool On Line


    Information related to the graph based tool contest GraBaTs and the supporting SHARE system for sharing a research environment (tool, case study solution, ...) online using virtual machine technology.

    Contact and support via

  • Ta2TorX

    TorX-Explorer component that gives JTorX (and TorX) access to the transition system of a Uppaal timed-automata model....

  • Twickel

    Documentation for the compute cluster Twickel.

    The following EWI research groups are members of the projects:
    • DACS
    • FMT
    • SE
  • Histogram

    A tool for extracting class/methods usage statistics from java byte code.

  • VerCors Toolset

    The VerCors toolset leverages existing static checking tools to provide static checking functionality for several languages.

    See the Wiki Overview page for details.

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