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SHARE stands for Sharing Hosted Autonomous Research Environments:

  • Sharing refers to the primary purpose of SHARE: a demonstrator (e.g. a researcher, a sales representative, a service provider, ...) can provide access a tool that is otherwise cumbersome to install or configure.
  • Hosted refers to the underlying technology: SHARE relies on virtual machines that are hosted on a server. Users do not need to install hypervisor tools such as VMware or VirtualBox.
  • Autonomous refers to the built-in support for concurrent, yet isolated, use of the same research environment by multiple users.
  • Research refers to the background of SHARE as a supporting platform for evaluating research tools.
  • Environments refers to the holistic nature of an approach based on virtual machines: SHARE aims to provide users access to the program, model, or tool to be demonstrated in an environment that mimics the machine of the demonstrator as closely as possible.

Applications of the SHARE system

SHARE has emerged from the organizational tasks related to the graph based tools contest. The first set of SHARE demos (GraBaTs08 bundle) was completed in early 2009. The second and third sets of demos are still attracting new demonstrators. These demonstrators can use the GraBaTs08 demos (e.g. the Progres demo) as a reference:

  1. within the PROM bundle, the business process management community associated with Eindhoven University of Technology is creating demos of specific PROM plugins and case studies,
  2. within the GraBaTs09 bundle, participants to the GraBaTs 2009 tool contest are sharing a new set of model/graph transformation tool demos. If you are planning to submit a solution to a GraBaTs 2009 case study, please signup soon enough before the deadline since your request needs to be approved by the organizer.

Documentation for SHARE end-users

With the term end-user, we have those users in mind that simply want to evaluate one or demos. This can be for example a reviewer of an article for which the related software is available for evaluation in SHARE. Note that SHARE has been specifically designed to simplify access for end-users. For security reasons though, SHARE does require all its users to signup. More specifically, end-user requests for accessing a set of demos need to be approved once by the administrator of that demo set.

Documentation for SHARE demonstrators

Any end-user can very easily become a demonstrator. More specifically, any user can request a private copy of an existing demo with a few clicks. When the bundle administrator and demo owner approve this request, the end-user can turn the existing demo into a new one and share it to other registered users again afterwards. Finally, the user may copy-paste some HTML code (generated by SHARE) to his/her website in order to let the world know about the new demo.

Documentation for SHARE organizers

Documentation for SHARE server administrators

Managing operational VM servers

Configuring a new VM server



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