SHARE - Publishing the new environment


Once a request for a private, mutable environment has been approved, a demonstrator can connect to that environment in the same way as users connect to ordinary environments. The key difference is that side-effects to the environment are preserved across sessions.

Typically, a demonstrator makes the following modifications:

  • installation of a new tool,
  • storage of project files for that tool (e.g. a case study solution),
  • automatic startup of the tool for each operating system login,
  • desktop shortcuts,
  • offline copies of online documentation (HTML, PDF, ...) directly available on the desktop,
  • automatic startup of a concise tutorial for the demonstration (screencast, PDF, ...) for each operating system login,
  • tool-related desktop background.

A demonstrator may contact the bundle organizer to check whether the environment is appropriate for publication. Such an organizer can also login to the mutable environment (as opposed to other users), provided that the demonstrator has no active session for the environment.

When both the organizer and the demonstrator are satisfied with the resulting environment, the demonstrator should publish the environment to the bundle. This makes the environment visible to all other users that are registered to the bundle from which the original environment was selected (SHARE-Testing in the example shown on the above screenshot). The demonstrator is assigned as the owner of the environment and will be contacted later when other users request a mutable clone of the environment. After publishing the environment to a bundle, the demonstrator may want to advertise it using a banner

Publishing or flushing a mutable environment

When the mutable environment has somehow become corrupt (unlikely, but for example due to an interrupted installation of a tool), the demonstrator can choose to discard the mutable environment. In that case, all changes are flushed and a new environment clone should be requested by the demonstrator if he wants to try again.


For a screencast of this functionality, see screenr

ManageMutableVD.gif - Publishing or flushing a mutable environment (3.53 KB) Pieter Van Gorp, 02 Apr 2009 11:26