SHARE - Requesting a private mutable environment

In order to facilitate the construction of new environments, SHARE provides a set of base images. These images can be cloned into mutable environments that are accessible only to the demonstrator that wants to share a new environment. SHARE offers a base image for most mainstream operating systems.


For a screencast of this functionality, see screenr

Step by Step description

A demonstrator can request a private copy of such a base image by using the Request Mutable Disk Image link:

Requesting a mutable environment

In fact, this mechanism can be used to request a private mutable copy of any environment the current user has access to. This can be useful in many other scenario's, such as:

  • updating an existing environment when a bug needs to be fixed,
  • publishing an extension on a previously published concept,
  • ...

The following screenshot shows how a SHARE user at Eindhoven University of Technology can for example create new environments based on Windows XP, FluxBuntu 7 and Fedora 10. The demonstrator is encouraged to enter a reasonable mnemonic name here, since this determines the name of the new environment (and within the current bundle there may be more than one clone of a particular base image already).

Choosing the base image to be cloned into a mutable environment

Which specific base environments are available to a particular user, depends on the bundles that user is registered to.

After submitting the previous form (for the Fluxbuntu-7.10 image and CPN as mnemonic name), the following screen is displayed:

Waiting for moderator approval

As indicated there, both the owner of the Fluxbuntu-7.10 image and the organizer of the bundle in which that environment is contained are asked to approve this request. Once both moderators have granted access, the mutable clone will be prepared automatically. At any preceding point in time (or when a request is denied), the request can be discarded by clicking the hyperlink with the red button.

In ordinary cases, access will be granted. The demonstrator will be able to connect to his private environment in the same way as any user can connect to a shared environment. Once the private environment contains all tools/models/... that need to be demonstrated, the demonstrator will publish the mutable environment as a public immutable environment.

NOTE TO DEMONSTRATORS: an image can only be published when you have no active session for that image! Don't worry about clicking "abort" or shutting down the remote operating system: your changes are stored and will not be lost.

mutableVDI.gif - Requesting a mutable environment (22.6 KB) Pieter Van Gorp, 02 Apr 2009 10:29

mutableVDI2.gif - Choosing the base image to be cloned into a mutable environment (5.43 KB) Pieter Van Gorp, 02 Apr 2009 10:36

mutableVDI3.gif - Waiting for moderator approval (15 KB) Pieter Van Gorp, 02 Apr 2009 10:40