• vmdo: to be invoked from the web-server via ssh, to start/stop VMs and manipulate disk images
  • vmcron: to be run via cron, once a minute, to kill hanging VB processes, and to (re)start vmdaemon and snsa
  • vmdaemon: (longrunning) reports VM status to web-server, and does additional cleanup of spurious VM processes
  • vmcleanup: auxiliary script, gets set up by vmdo for each started VM, to automatically run when the VM terminates
  • vmkill: auxiliary script, used by vmdo, vmcron and vmcleanup to kill whatever processes need to be killed
  • vmrangboom: start the (experimental) snsa agent to mount the Rangboom shared namespace
  • fusermount: wrapper around FUSE fusermount executable, to avoid error when snsa tries to unmount not-mounted fuse fs

See Dependencies to see which programs and shell-builtins the scripts expect.