Sharing via Rangboom

Sharing files to a grabats Virtual Machine

Currently we offer access to files that are shared using Rangboom (

Using Rangboom to share files to your VM entails the following:

  • obtaining a Rangboom user name (on the Rangboom website),
  • adding Rangboom user grabats to your group (on the Rangboom website),
  • entering your Rangboom user name (on the SHARE website),
  • making your private files remotely accessible (on your own machine),
  • accessing VirtualBox share with name rangboom (in your remote virtual machine)

Note: currently the access is slow (obtaining a listing of the files in a shared folder/directory may take a while,
even more so if you have many files in the folder/directory). Therefore, consider to create one ZIP file and ensure it is complete before accessing it remotely.

Obtaining a Rangboom user name

on the Rangboom website:
  • see whether you can download a Rangboom Agent for your own machine
    (if there is no such agent, you are out of luck)
  • register and obtain a Rangboom account
    (this takes several steps, including the use of a URL received by email)

Adding rangboom user grabats to your group

on the Rangboom website:
  • use the account to Sign In on the Rangboom website
  • go to the Group Management tab of your Shared Namespace
  • click on Manage Groups for user <your account>
  • admit member grabats to your Group Roster

Entering your Rangboom user name in SHARE:

Entering the Rangboom username in SHARE

Sharing files on your private, ad-hoc, peer-to-peer network

on the Rangboom website:

  • download the Rangboom Agent for your own machine
    (if there is no such agent, you are out of luck)

on your own machine:

  • install and run the Rangboom agent, following the instructions of
  • this will enable read-write sharing of the (sub)directory (folder) that you indicate
  • Note: on non-windows machines, you probably want to set environment variable SNSROOT to the (sub)directory that you want to share (for details, look at the rangboom shell script in the installation)

in the remote virtual machine:

The following steps are (largely) independent of the fact that we share files via Rangboom.
To our knowledge, this currently only works for Windows and Linux guests.

instructions for Linux virtual machines

For Linux, do the following (typically you have to do this as root in your Guest OS)

mkdir /tmp/rangboom          # or any other directory that you want to use as mount point
mount -t vboxsf rangboom  /tmp/rangboom

Note: it may happen that this mount fails, with error 'Protocol error'.
In our experience it may help to then do the following:

cd /tmp
mount -t vboxsf rangboom  /tmp/rangboom

instructions for Windows virtual machines

For Windows, you should create a network drive with name rangboom that you can use to access your files:

net use f: \\vboxsvr\rangboom

After some delay, the f drive (for example) will appear in My Computer and it should contain your shared Rangboom files.

Alternatively, in Windows XP:

  • Start->My Computer
  • Tools->Map Network Drive, this gives dialog box Map Network Drive
  • in Map Network Drive, choose a driver letter
  • in Map Network Drive, for Folder:, either directly enter \\vboxsvr\rangboom or use Browse... to open dialog Browse for Folder
  • in Browse for Folder open the items: My Network Places -> Entire Network -> VirtualBox Shared Folders -> \\VBOXSVR\rangboom
  • in Browse for Folder select \\VBOXSVR\rangboom
  • in Map Network Drive decide about toggle Reconnect at login
  • in Map Network Drive click Finish

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