From 17 Apr 2009 to 16 May 2009

16 May 2009

20:46 Revision c985583d: in Grahml LTS construction: recognize single invisible start node as src of in...
and we then that the dst of the initial transition as start state.
also: disabled debugging
TODO: add a way to prese...
Axel Belinfante
20:36 Bug #77 (Closed): the state labels in the dot animation do not make sense -- omit or create more ...
currently, the node labels that we show are state numbers in the order in which they are created - these probably can... Axel Belinfante
20:17 Bug #76 (Closed): node labels in graphml files are not preserved in the LTS - and thus not shown ...
Axel Belinfante
15:05 Revision 9085c183: additional check in graphml reader: detect multiple start states (and complain)
Axel Belinfante
14:51 Revision 3fe0b3f3: fix in graphml parsing: throw error if init state not indicated
and re-added debug prints Axel Belinfante

15 May 2009

16:09 Feature #74 (Resolved): add adapter that communictes labels over tcp
Axel Belinfante
16:08 Feature #74: add adapter that communictes labels over tcp
done; latest commit fb7599902181906959e12e239a4246b0c6aeb820 Axel Belinfante
16:06 Bug #59 (Resolved): guided run 'Expected obs' window does not show all expected outputs, but only...
this has been taken care of in version 0.9999: there for the outputs we show with each output the associated verdict,... Axel Belinfante
10:08 Bug #75 (Closed): in msc viewer: close multicast connection when viewed msc contains syntax error
when the name of the msc contains the character ":", the msc viewer refuses it because it violates the syntax.
Axel Belinfante

14 May 2009

00:18 Revision fb759990: indicate ! as hostname!port separator in Config pane; be far more liberal in ...
in Testgui we
s/ /!/g
before splitting hostname!port on !
the hope is that whatever the user ...
Axel Belinfante
00:10 Revision a49c771d: give threads more informative names, to ease debugging
Axel Belinfante
00:07 Revision fa644fab: fix two issues: close filedesc in done; deal with illegal port arg exception
Axel Belinfante
23:56 Revision eb4b86a5: fix issue in TestrunToMsc: avoid msc syntax errors by s/:/_/
the msc syntax that we use does not allow : in the msc name;
if we do use it, the msc viewer will report a syntax err...
Axel Belinfante
22:17 Revision 334f98fa: suppress printing of execption stack for 'Socket closed' in Multicast and AniS...
Axel Belinfante
22:05 Revision 9e3ab5c8: fixes in TcpLabels adapter
- in the StreamReader
when splitting the unput that we read in lines,
not only look at \n (as we did so far),
Axel Belinfante
21:17 Revision 5b19e0b1: Merge branch 'master' into tcp-label-adapter
Axel Belinfante
21:15 Revision e46b9886: completed(?) code and added configuration for tcplabels adapter
Axel Belinfante
21:09 Revision d9e13a13: fix buglet in recent LabelPlusVerdict introduction in Testgui
Axel Belinfante
17:40 Revision 0ba5fca3: freeze
TODO: reorganize stdinout-adapter and tcplabel adapter: they
have lots in common -- only the underlying communication...
Axel Belinfante
16:08 Revision 2bff303f: freeze
Axel Belinfante
13:27 Revision bdce26ef: minor cleanup of previous commit
and removed debugging code again -- was longer than code doing real work Axel Belinfante
13:18 Revision efee9589: fixed bug in sax parser for graphml
could not deal with string data splitted in multiple chunks, each
with a separate invocation of method characters
Axel Belinfante

13 May 2009

17:46 Feature #74 (Closed): add adapter that communictes labels over tcp
in the config pane this then needs parameters hostname+port number
of course, the same can be achieved with a sepa...
Axel Belinfante

12 May 2009

17:13 jtorx-09999-linux.tgz
Axel Belinfante
17:13 JTorX-09999.dmg
Axel Belinfante
Axel Belinfante
11:17 Feature #73 (Closed): show iocoChecker out(spec/impl after trace) set difference in results table?
We already compute the set: out(impl after trace) - out(spec after trace) when we generate a guidance ``automaton'... Axel Belinfante
11:16 Feature #72 (Closed): add a way to View (visualize) the difference reported by iocoChecker
for example by displaying the automaton of both spec and impl, and (using a Primer (determinized LTS)) stepping throu... Axel Belinfante
09:29 Feature #71 (Closed): add posibility to save test run log file
for example, using the log format of TorX, or a format that can be translated to/from the TorX log format.
Axel Belinfante
09:28 Feature #70 (New): allow custom viewers/animators (or general log-monitors?)
it would be nice to be able to easily configure the use of additional viewers/animators/visualizers (e.g. an applicat... Axel Belinfante
09:21 Feature #69 (Closed): add Simulation tab(s)
allow user to simulate, give choice:
* kind
> * plain LTS
> * determinized LTS
> * suspension automaton (=determi...
Axel Belinfante

07 May 2009

22:20 Revision 7ac6b58d: increased version to 0.9999
Axel Belinfante
22:17 Revision 0219e0ab: Merge branch 'guide-bugfix'
Axel Belinfante
22:13 Revision 923f098d: removed now superflous code from MenuPane
Axel Belinfante
21:24 Revision afadd5be: improved showing of failure result
in MenuPane
- added method prepareToShowFailure() that changes
the menu group text (previously directly done ...
Axel Belinfante
20:54 Revision f0147d45: now we always (try to) show verdicts with the expected observations
in Testgui
- myModel is now a private class variable, so we can use it to
obtain positive/negavtive default verdi...
Axel Belinfante
17:28 Revision de1ff4e8: added support files (icons) to repository
Axel Belinfante
17:04 Revision 42054f7f: finished initial 'fix' to show observations+verdicts in case of guidance
in MenuPane
- use Table instead of List to display outputs
- added method addOutput(String,String) to add Label+Ver...
Axel Belinfante
14:17 Revision d5d5b106: now, when use guidance and show observations, also show those that lead to miss
Axel Belinfante
13:42 iocoCheckerExamples.tgz
Examples from the iocoChecker distribution Axel Belinfante
12:23 Revision f2efae7e: freeze work on attempt to fix guidance bug
Axel Belinfante
10:02 jtorx-ex.tgz
TorX coffee examples Axel Belinfante

06 May 2009

17:04 Revision 4fecc278: freeze initial symbolic/parameterized basis (unfinished)
Axel Belinfante

05 May 2009

21:49 Revision bd78d51c: Merge branch 'iocheck-combined-failures-as-guide'
Axel Belinfante
21:45 Revision 1bc5b400: Merge branch 'fix-layout'
Axel Belinfante

01 May 2009

22:52 Revision f0cdaacc: fix: improved guidance item visibility changes
Axel Belinfante
22:45 Revision e76d88ed: added code to do actual writing of iockecker-derived guidance LTS
Axel Belinfante
22:18 Revision 4de503e9: bugfix in guidance view: do nothing if LTS==null
Axel Belinfante
22:16 Revision cfa42d14: freeze initial (partial) code to add Save action for iocoChecker guidance
Axel Belinfante
20:47 Revision ebbfcdc3: fix items shown when guide button is toggled when combined tp is in combo
Axel Belinfante
09:41 Revision bdc45979: allow use of combined test purpose from all iocoChecker failure traces
Axel Belinfante

28 Apr 2009

22:17 Revision 4f9fa3a0: cleanup: remove now superflous import in ConfigPane
Axel Belinfante
22:14 Revision e3c7fb1e: vert center timeout text field
also tried to specify size of timeout text field, like for the seed text;
but that does not work, because:
seed text ...
Axel Belinfante

25 Apr 2009

11:53 Bug #62 (Resolved): inside anidot.kit does not want to load on x86_64
problem caused by that in less old linux versions has a suffix .3 in the file name.
* include ...
Axel Belinfante
11:48 Feature #58 (Closed): add font size control (eg for demos)
Axel Belinfante
11:48 Feature #23 (Closed): allow tests to be input-enabled
Axel Belinfante
11:24 Feature #68: allow user to cancel View if it takes a long time (infinite model?)
this also holds for animation visualization, started at Test run, that takes a long time to initialize Axel Belinfante
11:16 Feature #68 (New): allow user to cancel View if it takes a long time (infinite model?)
somehow deal with large/infinite models, and allow user to cancel things that may run a long time (forever?) Axel Belinfante
11:14 Bug #67 (New): do not construct new Model/Primer/Combinator for test run if we already have it V...
reuse objects that we already constructed for viewing when we start a test run Axel Belinfante
11:12 Bug #66 (New): Primer/Combinator View button may show outdated model?
(not sure whether this is possible; to check)
if we choose different model(s), and do not press the View button fo...
Axel Belinfante
11:09 Bug #65 (New): make Primer/Combinator view buttons obtain LTS when needed
right now the Primer and Combinator View buttons in the Config/Components pane only work if previously the View butto... Axel Belinfante
11:04 Feature #58 (Resolved): add font size control (eg for demos)
added in v0.99 Axel Belinfante
11:04 Feature #24 (Resolved): be able to specify adapter parameters
Axel Belinfante
11:03 Feature #24: be able to specify adapter parameters
add in v0.99 Axel Belinfante
11:02 Feature #23: allow tests to be input-enabled
oops, that should be v0.99 Axel Belinfante
11:00 Feature #23 (Resolved): allow tests to be input-enabled
added in v0.97 Axel Belinfante

24 Apr 2009

17:22 JTorX-0999.dmg
Axel Belinfante
Axel Belinfante
17:22 jtorx-0999-linux.tgz
Axel Belinfante
17:09 Revision 0122198f: fix stupid bug in tree-config-modelset in TreeConfigPane (== instead of equals)
Axel Belinfante
14:47 Feature #64: make tab layout in GUI user-configurable by drag/drop as in Eclipse?
The idea is to make it easy for the end-user to switch between current (v0.99, v0.999) demo layout with three tabs (C... Axel Belinfante
14:43 Feature #64 (New): make tab layout in GUI user-configurable by drag/drop as in Eclipse?
Axel Belinfante
14:41 JTorX v0.99 v0.999
JTorX 0.999 adds support for Utraces in Test mode (was already supported by iocoChecker (i.e. in Check mode)), and th... Axel Belinfante
14:18 Revision d76f0195: increased version to 0.999 now that we have utraces support
Axel Belinfante
13:49 Revision 3ff2089f: finished utraces support
added trace kind config item in GUI config pane
removed config item from GUI iocoChecker Pane
added TraceKind enum
Axel Belinfante
09:00 Revision 401e06c2: freeze work in progress
Axel Belinfante

22 Apr 2009

Axel Belinfante
00:19 jtorx-099-linux.tgz
Axel Belinfante
00:09 JTorX-099.dmg
Axel Belinfante
22:18 Revision 3bc4d4e6: slight fix to avoid Guide viz item to be not shown in test pane
Axel Belinfante
21:52 Revision 26b1c8f5: updated version to v0.99
Axel Belinfante
21:50 Revision ba60f34d: minor cleanup
Axel Belinfante
21:43 Revision adfd36ad: moved config/test/check panes division to top level
Axel Belinfante
20:51 Revision b1194355: minor cleanup; added debug prints for TreeConfigPane tree size
Axel Belinfante
09:18 Revision 09a10d53: column var names were mixed up when introduced; previous commit started fixing...
Resize of Tree in TreeConfigPane now seems to work without JFace stuff Axel Belinfante
09:08 Revision a07d2aa4: freeze attempt to use old Tree resize code to avoid jface dependency
TODO: not fully working yet Axel Belinfante

21 Apr 2009

15:18 Revision fa4957ce: renamed Plain/Tree panes to "Config Items"/Components; disabled Tree menu
Axel Belinfante

20 Apr 2009

00:02 Revision 080eab22: added code to obtain guide LTS in TreeConfigPane while displaying it using Tes...
TODO: we now loose our Guide/Primer RunData in TreeConfigPane when
the Guide toggle is switched off - fix that?...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Revision b0d094a2: initial code to change View/viz button visibility in TreeConfigPane
Axel Belinfante
21:59 Revision ec0446e0: we now add/remove Combinator from tree when Guide is toggled
- extended reparenting
- added recursiveDispose
TODO: disable pop-up menu over Tree
TODO: disable/enable View/viz b...
Axel Belinfante
17:24 Revision 8b86c7aa: cleanup; renamed columns; introduced enum for column names
allocate larger editors array, so (index in editors array)==(column index) Axel Belinfante
15:50 Revision c5ff5fb9: use TreeComlumnLayout for automatic layout in TreeConfigPane
Axel Belinfante
11:24 Revision 862dc567: freeze. removed 5th column; added resize method (without effect)
Axel Belinfante
10:56 Revision 59ba6436: enhanced RollCall checks in TreeConfigPane
Axel Belinfante
10:33 Revision 011c3572: added RollCall file (forgotten in previous commit)
Axel Belinfante

19 Apr 2009

00:04 Revision 3446cc96: moved RollCall to separate class; copy text from Plain to Tree; checks in Comb...
Axel Belinfante
23:00 Revision 2d58d541: moved tree config pane as separate tab inside config pane
and added initial contents Axel Belinfante
21:29 Revision d74715ac: monor cleanup
Axel Belinfante
21:18 Revision 7bfb2cf6: Merge branch 'exp-tree-config' into adv-config + changes
Axel Belinfante
13:46 Revision 48fc091c: added debug pints (+reordered some statements) to look into not-resizing messa...
Axel Belinfante

18 Apr 2009

22:38 Revision e7c4f195: add "Make TextNormalSize" menubar item, disabled when text is normalsize
Axel Belinfante

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