From 01 Oct 2009 to 30 Oct 2009

30 Oct 2009

11:18 Bug #200 (Feedback): jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows v...
received confirmation that connection to the viewers now works
(waiting for confirmation about the multicast conne...
Axel Belinfante

29 Oct 2009

22:53 Bug #200 (Closed): jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows vista
On Windows Vista JTorX 1.1.1 is unable to connect to anidot and animsc servers, even though these are running.
Axel Belinfante
22:18 Revision 4949cd74: use instead of "localhost" or ""
hoping this is more portable Axel Belinfante
22:14 Revision 3fe62f99: use single variable to hold name of localHost in AniServer
Axel Belinfante
22:05 Revision aeb5a3ac: new version (1.1.2a, to test)
Axel Belinfante
22:01 Revision 5db3d8c8: worked around stronger (or just different?) checking in eclipse
replaced: new Iterator<?extends Class>(...)
by: new Iterator<Class>(...)
Axel Belinfante
22:00 Revision 8a5d8561: use instead of localhost - this might explain the connection issue
issue where JTorX is unable to connect to running server
(where telnet is able to connect, but connected via 127.0.0....
Axel Belinfante

27 Oct 2009

14:45 Revision 786d4e7a: extended comment in ModelImpl (next in symbolic setting)
Axel Belinfante

24 Oct 2009

00:46 Revision d0fe054a: minor cleanup (remove ?extends from Iterator typing)
Axel Belinfante
00:37 Bug #189: JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
it seems, JTorX does _not_ crash in this case: it only displays an exception that was caught.
However, it does see...
Axel Belinfante

23 Oct 2009

11:44 Revision 93786615: now use TermParser in Model; bugfix and debug prints in TermTokenizer
(tested for basic 'single-word' labels) Axel Belinfante

22 Oct 2009

00:24 Revision 0d4bb224: added term library with unification code (untested)
Axel Belinfante
21:05 Revision 7036bdc5: changed interface to list of free variables
Axel Belinfante

20 Oct 2009

14:19 Bug #189 (New): JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
When the torx explorer program (started as file.tx)
just immediately exits after being started
(in this case: succ...
Axel Belinfante

13 Oct 2009

23:58 Revision 8106f31d: minor change version number: 1.2 -> 1.2.0
Axel Belinfante
23:47 Revision 00cfee7c: new version (1.2)
Axel Belinfante
23:46 Bug #184 (Closed): (su)traces selection box is not disabled during test run
fixed in commit commit:607fd38f7e63afd4aa645797a67f2fe64377834a Axel Belinfante
23:42 Revision 607fd38f: disable [us]traces combo during test run (fixes issue #184)
Axel Belinfante
23:30 Revision 9a11ffd6: reorganized DotLTS code that creates multi-point edges
Axel Belinfante
23:06 Bug #184 (Closed): (su)traces selection box is not disabled during test run
user can change this box during test run.
this is against our policy of "freezing" config items while a test run i...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Revision 577646a1: no superflous name for intermediate edge node; fix setLayoutAttribute
no longer send superflous name for intermediate edge nodes;
added code to set to true, so layout attribute is sent on...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Revision c04ebc98: in anidot: added debug print around do_render
Axel Belinfante
18:08 Revision d784ce88: added LibPosition to repository (should have done so earlier)
earlier commits already depend on it. Axel Belinfante
14:35 Revision 5b86eec0: fix deformation by converting graphml left-upper corner position to center for...
Axel Belinfante
14:03 Revision 2ed95340: extended LTS with labelPosition (and read from graphml file)
Axel Belinfante
11:16 Revision 745a17f9: in anidot, use graph attribute 'layout' to decide whether to use dot or neato
Axel Belinfante
10:35 Revision 16783d69: now create intermediate points if we have routing positions for edges
(TODO: add code/interface to tell anidot whether to use dot or neato) Axel Belinfante
10:34 Revision 4ad3f1d5: switched back to division by 72 (old graphviz inch-position factor)
Axel Belinfante

09 Oct 2009

00:55 Revision 8e7b5e84: attempt at reading graphml polyline edge data, and giving it to dot
this does not seem to have effect, even though we are able to
forward info from graphml to dot
setting graph attribu...
Axel Belinfante
23:25 Revision 0823a35f: changed interfaces: now we create the Position as soon as we have seen x,y
Axel Belinfante
22:56 Revision 41014505: added forgotten
Axel Belinfante
18:31 Revision 438917aa: added support for (node, for now) position info in LTS, and extract this from ...
NOTE: it seems that do expects positions in inches, whereas graphml
gives it as pixels (points), so we have to scale,...
Axel Belinfante
18:30 Revision 3455d568: hardcoded use of neato (should be conditional); removed (time-wasting) debug r...
(or were these useful for something?) Axel Belinfante
18:29 Revision ea85fd59: added setgraphattr command (used to set layout engine to neato when we have no...
Axel Belinfante

01 Oct 2009

13:15 Feature #179 (Closed): option to apply angelic completion to model?
add toggle button to do angelic completion to model,
to avoid having to use Utraces (which costs testing power)
Axel Belinfante

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