From 12 Oct 2009 to 10 Nov 2009

10 Nov 2009

23:25 jararacaExamples.tgz
test purpose examples for 1.2.0, use with Newspaper iocoChecker examples Axel Belinfante
23:00 Bug #214 (New): JTorX 1.2.0 crashes when .jrrc file contains syntax error
When jararaca, the tool that is used to process .jrrc and .tp files, detects a syntax error,
it reports its and exit...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Bug #213 (Closed): JTorX 1.2.0 never hits a test purpose given as a .tp test purpose file
The new support for jararaca automatically adds labels to the end state of an LTS obtained from
file that as suffix ...
Axel Belinfante
17:54 Bug #189: JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
JTorX 1.2.0 _does_ crash when we give it the attached shell script as torx explorer, and it is executable.
If the she...
Axel Belinfante
17:49 Feature #208 (Assigned): add built-in support for formalisms like mcrl2, mucrl, jararaca, with ad...
in 1.2.0 we have included jararaca, but the support/suffixes is/are hard-coded, like for Aldebaran (.aut) and GraphML... Axel Belinfante
17:39 Feature #212 (Closed): support use of user/tool-contributed graphviz (dot) file for torx-explorer...
Instead of always generating the animation from scratch (by LTS exploration), allow use of user/tool-contributed dot ... Axel Belinfante
16:35 Bug #211 (New): need better cleanup (garbage collection) of LTSes (stop superflous torx explorers...
Right now we 'leak' LTS-es when we View them, likely to support continued access of the LTS via the items in the Comp... Axel Belinfante
16:21 JTorX v1.2.0
New features:
* in automaton viewer, show non-observable transitions as dashed edges
* for GraphML files, in auto...
Axel Belinfante
16:06 Bug #210 (New): JTorx (1.2.0 and earlier?) crashes when we close window during active test run
in this case the test run is running in automatic mode.
we then close/quit the JTorX window (press the [x] of the wi...
Axel Belinfante
Axel Belinfante
16:00 jtorx-1.2.0-linux.tgz
Axel Belinfante
15:58 JTorX-1.2.0.dmg
Axel Belinfante
15:24 Revision fd8df83c: removed the cleanup code we earlier added to RunItemData
Axel Belinfante
15:23 Revision 1ed3679d: clean up ChildStarter instances instead of TorxExplorer instances
i.e. effectively move the code we added in the previous step
from TorxExplorer to ChildStarter
Axel Belinfante
14:59 Revision a8987052: attempt at cleanup instances in TorxExplorer: move this to ChildStarter
Axel Belinfante
14:30 Revision e07bb3a7: trying to cleanup better so we exit cleanly
e.g. by making sure that every LTS that we started gets a
corresponding done()
but this still does not work in more ...
Axel Belinfante
11:47 Revision 85a85bae: changed RunItemData to use path to jararaca(.exe) in distribution directory
Axel Belinfante
11:32 Revision e292c3ce: avoid crash when starting absent torx explorer (same fix in torx adapter)
this was already ok in stdio adapter. Axel Belinfante
09:50 Revision 915577d9: (again) version 1.2.0
Axel Belinfante

07 Nov 2009

23:59 Revision 274f2f76: add missing colors to indirect nodes (due to tau) in animation of simulated impl
added missing higlights of traversed states and transitions:
- when the initial state has outgoing transitions labe...
Axel Belinfante
01:25 Revision b0602d18: add built-in support for .jrrc .tp (jararaca); fix torx-explorer support to us...
NOTE: this exposes a bug in the highlighting information reported by the simulator,
when we run spec1.jrrc against it...
Axel Belinfante

06 Nov 2009

16:22 Revision 5b4645ea: updated version to 1.2.0c
Axel Belinfante
15:42 Revision c7e41c09: show non-observable (internal) transitions as 'dashed' edges
Axel Belinfante
15:22 Feature #208 (Assigned): add built-in support for formalisms like mcrl2, mucrl, jararaca, with ad...
let JTorX know about file suffixes of lpe's, lpo's, and of jararaca, and invoke the right tool to start them.
Some (...
Axel Belinfante
15:13 Bug #200 (Closed): jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows vista
Axel Belinfante
15:13 Bug #200: jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows vista
received confirmation about the multicast connection from the viewers to JTorX Axel Belinfante
14:17 Revision fc087c05: changed AnidotSrv to assume that all except Windows support neato; version: 1....
Axel Belinfante
13:53 Revision f50ff8dc: updated anidot lib tcldot shared library for linux (to get neato support)
Axel Belinfante
13:41 Revision f848bb2b: added anidot lib tcldot to the repository (to freeze before update)
Axel Belinfante

05 Nov 2009

23:36 Revision 72a127b1: Merge branch '1_1_1-vista-logger-issue'
Resolved Conflicts:
real conflict: different versions, resolved to 1.2.0a...
Axel Belinfante
23:29 Revision de40d3a1: Merge branch 'graphml-pos'
Axel Belinfante
23:06 Revision f582f334: add test for neato support in AnidotSrv, and let DotLTS only generate position...
to avoid outputting needle nodes to route edges when neato is not there,
because without neato, dot will just layout ...
Axel Belinfante

01 Nov 2009

00:03 Revision 77470b28: extended comment about necessary functionality of symbolic next in ModelImpl
Axel Belinfante

31 Oct 2009

23:54 Revision 74570130: extended typing of Transition interface (gets rid of a few warnings)
Axel Belinfante
22:12 Revision e6e7fb42: removed superflous import
Axel Belinfante

30 Oct 2009

11:18 Bug #200 (Feedback): jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows v...
received confirmation that connection to the viewers now works
(waiting for confirmation about the multicast conne...
Axel Belinfante

29 Oct 2009

22:53 Bug #200 (Closed): jtorx (1.1.1) is unable to connect to running anidot and animsc on windows vista
On Windows Vista JTorX 1.1.1 is unable to connect to anidot and animsc servers, even though these are running.
Axel Belinfante
22:18 Revision 4949cd74: use instead of "localhost" or ""
hoping this is more portable Axel Belinfante
22:14 Revision 3fe62f99: use single variable to hold name of localHost in AniServer
Axel Belinfante
22:05 Revision aeb5a3ac: new version (1.1.2a, to test)
Axel Belinfante
22:01 Revision 5db3d8c8: worked around stronger (or just different?) checking in eclipse
replaced: new Iterator<?extends Class>(...)
by: new Iterator<Class>(...)
Axel Belinfante
22:00 Revision 8a5d8561: use instead of localhost - this might explain the connection issue
issue where JTorX is unable to connect to running server
(where telnet is able to connect, but connected via 127.0.0....
Axel Belinfante

27 Oct 2009

14:45 Revision 786d4e7a: extended comment in ModelImpl (next in symbolic setting)
Axel Belinfante

24 Oct 2009

00:46 Revision d0fe054a: minor cleanup (remove ?extends from Iterator typing)
Axel Belinfante
00:37 Bug #189: JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
it seems, JTorX does _not_ crash in this case: it only displays an exception that was caught.
However, it does see...
Axel Belinfante

23 Oct 2009

11:44 Revision 93786615: now use TermParser in Model; bugfix and debug prints in TermTokenizer
(tested for basic 'single-word' labels) Axel Belinfante

22 Oct 2009

00:24 Revision 0d4bb224: added term library with unification code (untested)
Axel Belinfante
21:05 Revision 7036bdc5: changed interface to list of free variables
Axel Belinfante

20 Oct 2009

14:19 Bug #189 (New): JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
When the torx explorer program (started as file.tx)
just immediately exits after being started
(in this case: succ...
Axel Belinfante

13 Oct 2009

23:58 Revision 8106f31d: minor change version number: 1.2 -> 1.2.0
Axel Belinfante
23:47 Revision 00cfee7c: new version (1.2)
Axel Belinfante
23:46 Bug #184 (Closed): (su)traces selection box is not disabled during test run
fixed in commit commit:607fd38f7e63afd4aa645797a67f2fe64377834a Axel Belinfante
23:42 Revision 607fd38f: disable [us]traces combo during test run (fixes issue #184)
Axel Belinfante
23:30 Revision 9a11ffd6: reorganized DotLTS code that creates multi-point edges
Axel Belinfante
23:06 Bug #184 (Closed): (su)traces selection box is not disabled during test run
user can change this box during test run.
this is against our policy of "freezing" config items while a test run i...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Revision 577646a1: no superflous name for intermediate edge node; fix setLayoutAttribute
no longer send superflous name for intermediate edge nodes;
added code to set to true, so layout attribute is sent on...
Axel Belinfante
22:44 Revision c04ebc98: in anidot: added debug print around do_render
Axel Belinfante
18:08 Revision d784ce88: added LibPosition to repository (should have done so earlier)
earlier commits already depend on it. Axel Belinfante
14:35 Revision 5b86eec0: fix deformation by converting graphml left-upper corner position to center for...
Axel Belinfante
14:03 Revision 2ed95340: extended LTS with labelPosition (and read from graphml file)
Axel Belinfante
11:16 Revision 745a17f9: in anidot, use graph attribute 'layout' to decide whether to use dot or neato
Axel Belinfante
10:35 Revision 16783d69: now create intermediate points if we have routing positions for edges
(TODO: add code/interface to tell anidot whether to use dot or neato) Axel Belinfante
10:34 Revision 4ad3f1d5: switched back to division by 72 (old graphviz inch-position factor)
Axel Belinfante

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