From 17 Dec 2009 to 15 Jan 2010

15 Jan 2010

22:29 Revision d6f3a9cc: added auto-stop to iocoChecker
Axel Belinfante
21:42 JTorX tool (demo) paper accepted for TACAS 2010
The final version of the paper is linked in the [[JTorX#Publications|Publications]] section of the [[JTorX]] wiki page. Axel Belinfante
18:03 Bug #102: iocoChecker takes too long, and also preparing results for showing may take long time
Partially fixed in commit:6be7d52e648dcb48a0e5a5ba636ab69835259e44 and commit:7a50ea38b94f2947a6aebfc62abfb4eaff9649ef Axel Belinfante
18:02 Bug #270 (Closed): uncaught out-of-memory error in IocoCheckerWrapper.getFailuresAsTestPurposes
Catch this out-of-memory in commit:c26eaab068fd12412ed1101b7ddd537366691013
Avoid running out of memory in commit:6b...
Axel Belinfante
17:59 Bug #91 (Closed): iocoChecker can not be stopped once it has started
Added Stop button in commit:90bf2dbbe10c63f5a1b6c255c97eae804c814364 Axel Belinfante
17:55 Feature #72 (Closed): add a way to View (visualize) the difference reported by iocoChecker
more or less implemented in commit:a2680e33b26e418fe651ae41ddc373d075769873
(via two buttons, one to simulate trace i...
Axel Belinfante
17:53 Feature #92 (Closed): it would be nice to see iocoChecker failure traces as soon as they are found
Implemented in commit:4de7ae7c7b385731501b35db7e964fff20462ae3 Axel Belinfante
17:41 Revision 987996f3: no longer add epsilon in LTS generated for iocoChecker failure trace
such that we do not see it when we simulate it;
the definition of RunItemData.containsEpsilon() has been updated
to b...
Axel Belinfante
17:29 Revision d307fee9: added slightly more informative title in simulation pane for utracesChecker re...
Axel Belinfante
17:24 Revision 588ad1cc: added slightly more informative title in simulation windows for iocoChecker re...
Axel Belinfante
16:57 Revision a2680e33: added simulation of selected iocoChecker result in Model and Implementation
Axel Belinfante
16:13 Revision 7e06cf33: now use rand to resolve input-output non-determinism, when we do input on mode...
Axel Belinfante
01:10 Revision 4de7ae7c: added IocoCheckerFailure, use IocoCheckerResult to use it; show found failure ...
TODO: fix overhead:
now we twice translate/convert FailureSituation to IocoCheckerFailure :
- in the IocoCheckerUser...
Axel Belinfante

14 Jan 2010

00:08 Revision c7edf8d6: optimized/simplified sorting function for failures (by using List.size())
Axel Belinfante
23:53 Revision 0d2a4cbd: experiment: indicate that we are stopped instead of ready
'stop' (setting progress bar state to PAUSED) has no effect on a mac
(maybe it does have effect in windows or linux?
Axel Belinfante
23:28 Revision 90bf2dbb: added dummy IocoCheckerUser + real one in TestGui; Stop button + state counting
- have Stop button
- have state progress count
- have failures found count
TODO add progress.stopped to better sh...
Axel Belinfante
14:15 Revision e337776f: added file IocoCheckerUser that defines interface that we intend to use from J...
Axel Belinfante
14:13 Revision 62ee0e0b: moved package iolts and used part of package iocochecker into JTorX package
Axel Belinfante
11:59 Revision 70959d51: add sources of iocoChecker to repository
Axel Belinfante
11:56 Revision 448cd022: include state labels in generated IOLTS for iocoChecker
Axel Belinfante
11:47 Revision 1fdd911f: islight simplification of IocoCheckerFailuresPane
Axel Belinfante
11:45 Revision 43f95bb8: hide traces+diff in IocoCheckerResult, instead give access to LTS
Axel Belinfante
01:57 Revision 7a50ea38: fixed construction of trace and diff arrays
Axel Belinfante
01:18 Revision 6be7d52e: instead of constructing a list of LTSs,we just collect the information, and co...
TODO probably we can slightly change the interface to constrcutLTS
and pass it an index, and let it lookup the right...
Axel Belinfante

13 Jan 2010

17:08 Feature #73 (Closed): show iocoChecker out(spec/impl after trace) set difference in results table?
added in commit commit:d4d6630c74df4408de0b3e7e1fa7e36041a1c169 Axel Belinfante
17:06 Revision d4d6630c: added iocoChecker failure pane 'unexpected outputs' column
Axel Belinfante
16:56 Bug #271 (Closed): iocoChecker results are not sorted by increasing trace length
fixed in commit commit:cc5a6ee8201dddd9fd1e7f518fb605d926448822 Axel Belinfante
16:43 Revision cc5a6ee8: fixed sorting of traces (by length, then by labels) in iocoChecker result
Axel Belinfante
16:24 Revision 28d6bcc9: fixed thread names (should be on master branch?)
Axel Belinfante
16:11 Revision c26eaab0: catch iocoChecker (or its wrapper) running out of memory
TODO: prevent running out of memory by
- using a less memory-consuming way of storing/passing the test purposes, and...
Axel Belinfante
15:35 Bug #271 (Closed): iocoChecker results are not sorted by increasing trace length
currently it seems sorted alphabetically.
we want it firstly be increasing trace lenght, and lexicographically for e...
Axel Belinfante
15:09 Bug #270 (Closed): uncaught out-of-memory error in IocoCheckerWrapper.getFailuresAsTestPurposes
when we use iocoChecker in JTorX to test s4 agains itself we get:
Exception in thread "Testgui-handleAutoRunStartE...
Axel Belinfante

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