From 26 Aug 2012 to 24 Sep 2012

24 Sep 2012

16:29 Revision e0add877: updated SymToSim.jar and STSimulator_-_JTorX.jar (included in releases v1.10.0...
Axel Belinfante
14:15 Bug #645 (Resolved): JTorX cannot handle very short filenames
Applied in changeset commit:157cc6a3a575414cc80b32fe87dd480ec7ef6453. Axel Belinfante
14:13 Bug #645 (Feedback): JTorX cannot handle very short filenames
fixed in commit:157cc6a3a575414cc80b32fe87dd480ec7ef6453
Axel Belinfante
14:09 Revision 157cc6a3: fix to allow use of short file names
by extending the file name supplied by the user with a short suffix
such that we always invoke java's createTempFile ...
Axel Belinfante
14:02 Bug #645: JTorX cannot handle very short filenames
According to the Java documentation, this is indeed to be expected:
prefix (1st argument) - The prefix string to b...
Axel Belinfante
13:54 Bug #645 (Resolved): JTorX cannot handle very short filenames
When we use a very short file name, at least for a .sax file, and (e.g. ?) ask for visualization, JTorX hangs.
Axel Belinfante
A number of .graphml files that contain tau loops. Axel Belinfante
13:28 Revision 7030cd02: updated version number to 1.10.0-beta8
Axel Belinfante
13:26 JTorX v1.10.0-beta8
Changes to the STS library, identical to those in JTorX v1.9.4 (STS support jar files are built from stsimulator svn ... Axel Belinfante
13:15 JTorX v1.9.4
Identical to v1.9.3, except for changes in STS library; the jar files included are built from stsimulator svn revisio... Axel Belinfante
12:34 Revision 49e58804: Merge branch 'extended-logging' into next
Axel Belinfante
11:48 Revision 803da73a: updated version to 1.9.4 + updated copyright year
for version that is identical to 1.9.3, except for fixes/extension in STS support
(included STS files of stsimulator ...
Axel Belinfante

21 Sep 2012

17:03 Revision c24118bc: only make states onLoop quiescent, when this.getPrimer().addDeltaForDivergence...
Axel Belinfante
16:43 Revision df0fa23a: in mkEdgeName avoid sorting when there is nothing to sort
Axel Belinfante
14:57 Revision 3a13a4a3: for edge names, print "_" not only for null edge name, but also for "" edge name
Axel Belinfante
14:46 Revision 317e2621: moved duplicate code for edge names to static method mkEdgeName
Axel Belinfante

19 Sep 2012

23:06 Feature #644 (New): when JTorX test run start-up takes too long, because of visualization, sugges...
to be able to continue to have visualization on by default
while at the same time avoid them being a show-stopper wh...
Axel Belinfante
12:02 Bug #643 (Closed): Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion): Automaton visualizations do not work
Axel Belinfante
12:01 Bug #643: Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion): Automaton visualizations do not work
The automaton visualizer depends on the presence of the libtool shared library (libltdl.dylib) for the i386 architect... Axel Belinfante
11:55 Bug #643 (Closed): Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion): Automaton visualizations do not work
When you try to use the automaton visualization (the anidot component of JTorX) you get the error that dotnew is an i... Axel Belinfante

13 Sep 2012

18:14 Revision b36f9dc6: print SUBEDGENAME lines to log, containing ids of tau transitions leading upto...
FIXME may be implemented incompletely for GuidedState
NOTE sorts the items in the list of ids using natural sorting....
Axel Belinfante

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