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Bug #60: disable Check items when test run is active and Check result is used as test purpose?
Feature #64: make tab layout in GUI user-configurable by drag/drop as in Eclipse?
Bug #65: make Primer/Combinator view buttons obtain LTS when needed
Bug #66: Primer/Combinator View button may show outdated model?
Bug #67: do not construct new Model/Primer/Combinator for test run if we already have it View-ed
Feature #68: allow user to cancel View if it takes a long time (infinite model?)
Feature #70: allow custom viewers/animators (or general log-monitors?)
Bug #82: stopping test run with real program may end in fail beause program is killed?
Bug #83: stop test run with real program also when program goes away during test run
Bug #84: find a way to deal with input-output non-determinism
Feature #85: allow custom state (log?) extractor
Bug #90: iocoChecker seems not able to handle tau loops
Feature #95: be able to continue testing after a pass,miss or pass,hit verdict???
Bug #98: for windows, it might be better to have separate file open/save dialogs, instead of reusing a single one
Bug #99: it is not possible to increase the size of the message pane
Feature #100: if we only have a single ioco/utrace-checker trace result, does it need to be selected to be used?
Bug #101: disable all (relevant) buttons when IocoChecker is running
Feature #104: better way to 'play' multiple utraceChecker results in simulator
Feature #106: be able to highlight omitted individual input actions from utraceChecker result?
Bug #107: in Config Components pane, need to press to many Virew buttons to make things work
Bug #108: there is no Trace type in AniDOT
Bug #110: (due to asynchonous Progress updates?) progress pane elements are updated out of order
Bug #111: changing guided simulator file name in sim pane text field has no effect
Feature #114: need to be able to configure working directory in which implementation is to be run
Feature #115: add tiled notebook docking window for anidot
Feature #117: suggest/give/add default file suffix when saving something to file
Bug #118: there is no checking that a .log file contains a (J)TorX log
Feature #120: show pending observations in the gui?
Feature #121: change log-LTS to use adapter states/transitions? to be able to have (eg) also impl state?
Feature #123: add heuristics to dot writer to break long state/transition labels into multiple lines
Feature #126: in anidot , let the window scroll automatically to show the highlighted node(s)
Feature #127: have a clone-like button that gives a birds-eye view of the graph?
Bug #133: Nicer to remember separate directories for spec and impl (in browse).
Feature #138: add visualization of model or susp aut that shows coverage of automaton
Feature #139: keep track (over test runs?) where we have been, and steer test run to unexplored states/transitions
Bug #144: JTorX crashes when we close (quit) JTorX while a guided simulation run is active
Bug #146: on mac, when using SWT 3.5 cocoa version, we seem to loose quit some speed in progress bars
Bug #160: anidot does not work on a mac, unless development tools are installed (needs /usr/lib/libltdl.3.dylib)
Bug #189: JtorX (1.1.1) crashes when torx-explorer program does not work
Bug #210: JTorx (1.2.0 and earlier?) crashes when we close window during active test run
Bug #211: need better cleanup (garbage collection) of LTSes (stop superflous torx explorers asap)
Bug #214: JTorX 1.2.0 crashes when .jrrc file contains syntax error
Bug #221: JTorX cannot start Java program as sut on windows 7
Bug #222: JTorX animation viewers do not work on Mac OS X 10.6
Feature #244: be able to step through a finished test run, and for each step see menu of inputs and outputs
Feature #250: label comparison toggle: case sensitive/insensitive - to affect Test, icocoChecker, utracesChecker
Feature #255: recognize LOG keyword on stdout or stderr of e.g. TorXExplorer, to append lines to Log
Feature #280: allow saving and loading of a configuration
Bug #282: JTorX 1.3.0 may hang (at least on Mac) when clicking delete button (not only when a run is active)
Feature #286: visualize potential next test step?
Bug #297: no way to switch off Model visualization for simulator
Bug #320: JTorX gets suspended (hangs) when visualization is not fast enough
Bug #322: in anidot changing shown step can be slow, when nr of steps difference is large
Bug #323: on windows xp anidot and animsc may not work
Bug #324: in anidot the 'sticky' green trail of traversed edges is lost when the graph is extended
Bug #359: instantiator keeps running (is not stopped) when test run ends
Bug #447: "Instantiations" text field is hidden
Feature #460: Show STSimulator Errors in JTorX
Feature #527: add option to visualize as QTS (transform LTS to QTS before visualization)
Bug #546: Mac OS 10.7 (Lion): Automaton visualizations do not work (jtorx-1.8.0)
Bug #548: JTorX crashes when invoked with incompletely specified guide
Bug #550: simulation of primer (suspension automaton) of STS: determinization is not used when one action label enables multiple actions from current menu
Bug #563: Exception in thread "Testgui-handleAutoRunStartEvent" (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space)
Bug #566: while test run still goes on in automatic mode, the Auto/Stop button (in 'next test step' pane) becomes 'Auto' and disabled
Bug #578: JTorX crashes when reading empty line from program that communicates using labels
Feature #579: allow user to select display of long or short node labels in automata eg for suspension automaton or testrun (and use tooltips for long labels?)
Bug #580: a newline at the end of textfield of input actions and output actions is not ignored
Bug #585: JTorX does not start on mac os x (10.6.8) (because: sed not found in JavaApplicationStub script)
Bug #586: JTorX does not start on windows (because the test to detect 32/64bit does not work as intended?)
Bug #618: When instantiation (via Use instantiation button) fails "Use instantiation" button becomes disabled and no error is reported
Feature #644: when JTorX test run start-up takes too long, because of visualization, suggest user to disable visualization (e.g. in pop-up)
Bug #744: anidot does not work on 64-bit unix (linux) -- solution: install 32-bit library of
Feature #208: add built-in support for formalisms like mcrl2, mucrl, jararaca, with adjustable preferences
Bug #370: "Use Instantiation" button is always enabled
Bug #448: confusing error message when instantiating already instantiated item
Bug #461: XML import failes when there is an empty <restriction> element
Feature #547: allow use of separate seed for Random number generator of model simulator
Bug #549: visualization of STS does not highlight multiple switches between two locations
Bug #551: use of || in conditions of an STS may lead to incorrect test steps in menu
Bug #582: JTorX cannot read graphml files produced by recent version of yEd
Bug #583: JTorX can only see initial state of graphml file produced with recent yEd when it has node label 1
1.2.0 73%
Assigned 20%
1.7.1 100%
Feedback 100%
Feedback 100%
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1.9.0 100%
Feedback 100%
Feedback 100%
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1.9.1 100%
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1.9.2 100%
Feedback 100%
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