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Feature #64: make tab layout in GUI user-configurable by drag/drop as in Eclipse?
Feature #68: allow user to cancel View if it takes a long time (infinite model?)
Feature #70: allow custom viewers/animators (or general log-monitors?)
Feature #85: allow custom state (log?) extractor
Feature #95: be able to continue testing after a pass,miss or pass,hit verdict???
Feature #100: if we only have a single ioco/utrace-checker trace result, does it need to be selected to be used?
Feature #104: better way to 'play' multiple utraceChecker results in simulator
Feature #106: be able to highlight omitted individual input actions from utraceChecker result?
Feature #114: need to be able to configure working directory in which implementation is to be run
Feature #115: add tiled notebook docking window for anidot
Feature #117: suggest/give/add default file suffix when saving something to file
Feature #120: show pending observations in the gui?
Feature #121: change log-LTS to use adapter states/transitions? to be able to have (eg) also impl state?
Feature #123: add heuristics to dot writer to break long state/transition labels into multiple lines
Feature #126: in anidot , let the window scroll automatically to show the highlighted node(s)
Feature #127: have a clone-like button that gives a birds-eye view of the graph?
Feature #138: add visualization of model or susp aut that shows coverage of automaton
Feature #139: keep track (over test runs?) where we have been, and steer test run to unexplored states/transitions
Feature #244: be able to step through a finished test run, and for each step see menu of inputs and outputs
Feature #250: label comparison toggle: case sensitive/insensitive - to affect Test, icocoChecker, utracesChecker
Feature #255: recognize LOG keyword on stdout or stderr of e.g. TorXExplorer, to append lines to Log
Feature #280: allow saving and loading of a configuration
Feature #286: visualize potential next test step?
Feature #460: Show STSimulator Errors in JTorX
Feature #527: add option to visualize as QTS (transform LTS to QTS before visualization)
Feature #579: allow user to select display of long or short node labels in automata eg for suspension automaton or testrun (and use tooltips for long labels?)
Feature #644: when JTorX test run start-up takes too long, because of visualization, suggest user to disable visualization (e.g. in pop-up)
Feature #208: add built-in support for formalisms like mcrl2, mucrl, jararaca, with adjustable preferences
Feature #547: allow use of separate seed for Random number generator of model simulator
1.2.0 73%
Assigned 20%
1.9.0 100%
Feedback 100%
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