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645 BugResolvedNormalJTorX cannot handle very short filenames25 Sep 2012 11:29
562 BugResolvedNormalthe code that is meant to detect stimulate-observe races may cause a single interaction to appear twice in the test log (and erroneous verdicts)09 Mar 2012 02:23
561 BugResolvedNormalntpd time reset -n.m may disrupt a test run, causing erroneous fail verdict09 Mar 2012 02:21
540 BugResolvedNormaldefault file type for saved log is wrong (.aut instead of .log)12 Mar 2012 11:39
328 BugResolvedNormalthe .aut writer mixed up #states/#trans fields in des line27 Apr 2010 17:21
296 BugResolvedNormalsimulation does not work for 'symbolic' models26 Apr 2010 15:121.4.0
293 BugResolvedNormaltimed test run terminates with uncaught java exception26 Apr 2010 14:271.4.0
292 BugResolvedNormalanimation of prefab (.gv) guidance automaton does not work for .jrrc files26 Apr 2010 14:261.4.0
277 BugResolvedNormalout-of-memory exception when trying to Save a large Log26 Apr 2010 15:051.4.0
254 FeatureResolvedNormalmake it harder to by-accident delete a log pane - only allow deletion of non-active ones?26 Apr 2010 15:071.4.0
251 BugResolvedNormallabel comparison inconsistent: case-insensitive for Test, case-sensitive for icocoChecker (there's more)26 Apr 2010 15:171.3.0
143 BugResolvedNormaltree/table headers are unaffected by font changes, at least on mac (due to swt implementation)24 Jun 2009 21:341.1.0
137 SupportResolvedNormalwhere to specify tcp connection parameters?26 Nov 2009 21:10
130 SupportResolvedNormalCannot get stdio adapter running. What to specify as IUT program?26 Nov 2009 21:26
119 BugResolvedLowfor .aut files nrs of states and transitions of des line is not checked16 Jun 2009 11:531.1.0
96 BugResolvedNormalon windows, the iocoChecker run out of memory when testing fwgc/s4 against itself20 Jan 2010 16:571.3.0
62 inside anidot.kit does not want to load on x86_6425 Apr 2009 11:53


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