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644 FeatureNewNormalwhen JTorX test run start-up takes too long, because of visualization, suggest user to disable visualization (e.g. in pop-up)06 Nov 2013 12:46
618 BugNewNormalWhen instantiation (via Use instantiation button) fails "Use instantiation" button becomes disabled and no error is reported08 Jun 2012 16:29
586 BugNewNormalJTorX does not start on windows (because the test to detect 32/64bit does not work as intended?)30 Mar 2012 11:23
585 BugNewNormalJTorX does not start on mac os x (10.6.8) (because: sed not found in JavaApplicationStub script)30 Mar 2012 11:20
579 FeatureNewNormalallow user to select display of long or short node labels in automata eg for suspension automaton or testrun (and use tooltips for long labels?)02 Mar 2012 13:55
578 BugNewNormalJTorX crashes when reading empty line from program that communicates using labels05 Oct 2013 14:34
566 BugNewNormalwhile test run still goes on in automatic mode, the Auto/Stop button (in 'next test step' pane) becomes 'Auto' and disabled09 Feb 2012 17:42
563 BugNewNormal Exception in thread "Testgui-handleAutoRunStartEvent" (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space) 23 Jan 2012 10:09
550 BugNewNormalsimulation of primer (suspension automaton) of STS: determinization is not used when one action label enables multiple actions from current menu07 Sep 2011 10:04
548 BugNewNormalJTorX crashes when invoked with incompletely specified guide05 Sep 2011 15:04
527 FeatureNewNormaladd option to visualize as QTS (transform LTS to QTS before visualization)07 Apr 2011 11:56
460 FeatureNewNormalShow STSimulator Errors in JTorX21 Jan 2011 12:58
447 BugNewNormal"Instantiations" text field is hidden07 Dec 2010 17:47
359 BugNewNormalinstantiator keeps running (is not stopped) when test run ends16 May 2010 23:42
324 BugNewNormalin anidot the 'sticky' green trail of traversed edges is lost when the graph is extended04 May 2010 14:20
323 BugNewNormalon windows xp anidot and animsc may not work31 Mar 2010 16:11
322 BugNewNormalin anidot changing shown step can be slow, when nr of steps difference is large05 Apr 2010 13:46
320 BugNewNormalJTorX gets suspended (hangs) when visualization is not fast enough31 Mar 2010 15:30
286 FeatureNewNormalvisualize potential next test step?08 Feb 2010 10:22
282 BugNewNormalJTorX 1.3.0 may hang (at least on Mac) when clicking delete button (not only when a run is active)28 Jan 2010 17:10
280 FeatureNewNormalallow saving and loading of a configuration26 Jan 2010 22:57
255 FeatureNewNormalrecognize LOG keyword on stdout or stderr of e.g. TorXExplorer, to append lines to Log16 Dec 2009 12:56
250 FeatureNewNormallabel comparison toggle: case sensitive/insensitive - to affect Test, icocoChecker, utracesChecker09 Dec 2009 22:31
244 FeatureNewNormalbe able to step through a finished test run, and for each step see menu of inputs and outputs03 Dec 2009 16:43
222 BugNewNormalJTorX animation viewers do not work on Mac OS X 10.627 Jan 2010 22:02

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