JTorX v1.10.0-beta4

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

Now, when you specify that the implementation is a 'real program that is started via given TorX adapter' the configuration that you enter in JTorX is treated like for 'real program that communicates via labels on standard input and standard output'.
This means that you can specify a program (with optional arguments), and as long as the program can be found (via your PATH, I guess) it all works.

Before, JTorX would expect just a single program (without arguments) to be given, and check whether this program was specified with or without an absolute path, and make the path absolute when it seemed to be relative, by prefixing it with the path to the directory in which JTorX was started.
This made it impossible to use a configuration like: java -jar /path/to/adapter.jar java -jar /path/to/implentation.jar arg1 arg2 arg3

JTorX v1.10.0-beta3

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

Changes w.r.t. v1.10.0-beta2:

  • integrated .graphml support from v1.9.2
  • added jtorxsa script to write suspension automaton to file, e.g. in .aut format
  • changed writers to no longer be recursive (without this we run quickly out of heap space)
  • reduced debug print statements

JTorX v1.9.2

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

Completed update of .graphml support:

  • recognize invisible node that points to start state, when it has
    • a Line Color of 'No Color',
    • a Fill Color of 'No Color', and
    • a label of which Visible is not checked.

Earlier versions of JTorX did not look at Line and Fill color, but looked whether node attribute Transparent was set; yEd no longer seems to offer the possibility to set that node attribute.

JTorX v1.10.0-beta2

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago


  • speed-up presentation of long lists of actions in menu-pane
    at the cost of increased memory usage (caching of actions of labels)
  • use natural ordering for sorting of these lists of actions
  • speed-up of use of coverage as guidance (more to win there)

JTorX v1.10.0-beta

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

This version is marked '-beta' because it introduces new features that are under development and have not been extensively tested.

New Features

  • save/load of configuration via File menu commands
  • gui-less command line version, started via jtorxcmd or jtorxcmd.bat
  • initial experimental coverage support, enable via 'Guide use coverage' checkbox in Config pane and/or 'show cov' checkbox in Test run pane
    • when enabled, a test run starts with generating the state space of the model, which may take a long time
    • when 'show cov' checkbox in Test run pane is enabled, JTorX keeps track of visited states/transitions and reports this in Coverage pane
    • when Guidance 'use coverage' checkbox in Config pane is enabled, JTorX uses its information about visited states/transitions to try to visit transitions that have not yet been visited; when all states/transitions of the suspension automaton have been visited it reports 'pass/hit' (because the current implementation 'misuses' the guidance feature to guide the test run based on coverage information)
    • coverage information is kept for a combination of model + system-under-test
    • the Reset button in the coverage pane resets the coverage information for a particular model-SUT combination

Bug Fixes

  • slightly more robust STS support (to be able to handle guards that contain an '||' operator)

JTorX v1.9.1

Added by Axel Belinfante over 8 years ago

Updated .graphml support to deal with graphml files written by recent yEd versions (e.g. yEd 3.9)

  • handle new files containing XML label elements
  • handle presence of multiple node- and edge-labels
    the first label encountered for a node or edge label is used in the LTS, the others are ignored
  • special characters in node and edge labels are escaped when LTS labels are constructed for them
    this holds for newline (\n), carriage return (\r), tab (\t), backslash, double-quote
    this may affect how JTorX treats existing models, when they contain one or more of these characters

New Features

  • added timestamps to interaction results (used internally, but also shown as TIMESTAMP lines in log)
  • show interaction 'kind' (stimulus or response) via KIND lines in log

Other Bug fixes

  • more extensive reporting of errors and warnings when graphml file is read
  • fixes to the History reordering mechanism in the Driver
  • show reordering in log
  • changed timestamping of actions to (try to) use monotonic time, because History mechanism gets upset when system time is changed when e.g. ntpd decides that it has to set the clock slightly more than one second back in time
    unfortunately, this seems not to work (timestamps still reflect system time and system time changes)
  • on mac dock icon is shown again for anidot (was broken since

JTorX v1.9.0

Added by Axel Belinfante almost 9 years ago

New features:
  • added Log lines NODENAME and EDGENAME that contains node/edge information from the model.
    In particular, for STSes this contains identifiers for the locations and switches
    (whereas for STSes the STATELABEL lines contain identifiers for states (unique numbers, different for each different <location,valuation>)
  • the Config pane now contains a separate Seed entry field for a simulated model that is used as implementation.
    Initially this field is empty, and it will automatically be filled with the value of the Seed entry in the Test pane.
    Once the Seed field in the Config pane contains a value, this value is not automatically changed when the user changes the value of the Seed in the Test pane:
    the value of the Seed field in the Config pane has to be explcitly changed by the user.
Bug fixes
  • now contains the shell scripts from the JTorX 1.8.0 shell/bat script updates
  • contains the anidot.kit from JTorX for mac that works on Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
  • now correctly stop testing when we reach end of test run, when implementation kind is: re-run of a saved test run log
  • now we visualize the log that is-re-run (when implementation kind is: re-run of a saved test run log) (when the Impl toggle is checked)
  • in the STS code: fixed the code that extracts name-value bindings for interaction variables from constraints
    (as before, for found such bindings, in the label that is generated the value is shown and not the interaction variable)
    • this code now works on the AST of the constraint expression, instead of on a string representation of it
    • this code now works correctly when the constraint expression contains boolean or (||) operators
  • for STS: fix to be able to highlight multiple switches between two locations

See also the changes overview.

JTorX 1.8.0 patched for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Added by Axel Belinfante about 9 years ago

This version only exists for mac.
It is identical to v1.8.0 except:
  • anidot has been patched to work also on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
    (see issue #546 for details)

This JTorX will show as version number v1.8.0.

JTorX 1.8.0 shell/bat script updates

Added by Axel Belinfante about 9 years ago

Updated versions of the bat and shell scripts for JTorX 1.8.0 have been added to the Files section.
(I didn't want to create a new JTorX distribution only for them).

To 'install' them, copy the contents of jtorx-1.8.0-scripts-linux resp. jtorx-1.8.0-scripts-win into the corresponding JTorX 1.8.0 folder.

For Linux, the updated scripts (jtorx and jtorxio) allow creation of a symbolic link (symlink) to them from within a directory that is on the PATH.

For windows, the updated bat scripts (jtorx.bat and jtorxio.bat) allow running them from a different folder.
It is now possible to add the JTorX 1.8.0 windows folder to the path, and run jtorx and jtorxio from a command window.
Moreover, shell scripts jtorx and jtorxio have been added - they are intended to be used from cygwin.
It should be possible to created a symbolic link (symlink) to them from within a directory that is on the cygwin PATH.

JTorX v1.8.0

Added by Axel Belinfante about 9 years ago

New features:
  • initial support to use GraphViz input files (*.dot, *.gv) as model, provided the initial state can be identified.
    This means: there must be an invisible node that has a visible edge (with as label: empty string) that points to the initial state.
  • new script: jtorxio (jtorxio.bat on windows) that can be used to transform models from one file format to another.
    Typical use: jtorxio -aut file.graphml > file.aut or jtorxio -trace file.log > file.trace
    (On mac, the script is
Bug fixes:
  • avoid having white textfields on white background in config pane (problem we had on windows 7)
  • try to avoid crash in anidot (automaton visualizer) due to "... looks like invalid octal number"
  • when saving log of test run that has not yet ended, also write label of last interaction
Other changes:
  • included a much more recent version of the graphical toolkit (swt), version 3.6.2,
    hopefully this fixes some GUI issues.
    on mac, the new version is a "cocoa" version instead of a "carbon" version
    (for more info about SWT see

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