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Added by Axel Belinfante almost 11 years ago

added IocoCheckerFailure, use IocoCheckerResult to use it; show found failure immediately

TODO: fix overhead:
now we twice translate/convert FailureSituation to IocoCheckerFailure :
- in the IocoCheckerUser.reportFailure()
- when we, at the end, process all failures

if we can either:
- insert found failure at right row in table (i.e. keep it sorted), or
- have the ability to sort the rows by column, by clicking on the header
we do not have to do anything for the 'process all failures' when iocoChecker finishes

NOTE: whatever we do in this respect: we must make sure that the
index in the IocoCheckerResult matches the index in the table, o
else the 'user selected result as test purpose' gives wrong results.

TODO: add buttons in IocoCheckPane:
- simulate selected trace in model
- simulate selected trace in implementation
(ideally, also have a combined/in-sync simulation, but that might be more difficult/involved to do)


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