Additional dependency for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) for the anidot automaton visualization

The information below is superseded by an update to the anidot visualization component, see anidot visualization updated for Mac OS X (Mountain) Lion.

With the updated anidot visualization component, it is no longer necessary to install the libtool shared library (it is included with the anidot visualization component).

The anidot graph/automaton visualization component of JTorX , as distributed with JTorX, has a dependency on the libtool shared library (libltdl.dylib). It needs a 32-bit version of this library (i.e. for architecture i386).
Without this library, when the visualization is started, you will get a popup telling you that the dotnew command is not available.

Mac OS X releases prior to Mountain Lion contained this library (either as part of the base installation, or via installation of XCode).

Unfortunately, Mountain Lion does not contain this library (libltdl.dylib), not even after installation of XCode.

How to install the libtool shared library yourself

Installation of the libtool shared library can be done relatively easily, via the following steps:

  1. install homebrew see:
    1. for homebrew you need to install XCode (available in the App Store for free), and
    2. the XCode Command line tools, which you can install (after you have installed XCode) via the Downloads pane of the XCode Preferences window
  2. run: brew install libtool --universal
    if you already installed libtool via brew, but without this '--universal' option, you must first do: brew uninstall libtool
    (without the --universal flag, only a 64-bit version will be installed (architecure: x86_64) but for anidot we need a 32 bit version (architecture: i386); with --universal you will get both architectures in a single library file)

now anidot should work.

Sidenote: you can use the lipo command (via the command line) to see what architectures are contained in a .dylib file, e.g.

lipo -info /usr/lib/libltdl.dylib
lipo -info /usr/local/lib/libltdl.dylib