(under construction)

Portfolio of cases where JTorX has been used, also list of potential demo's1.
Also contains case studies done with TorX which can be reused for demo of JTorX.

1 depending, of course, on availability of models, adapters and/or implementations.


potential demo:
  • Lego Sorter
  • Passport testing (Jan Tretmans)
  • River crossing problem (farmer wolf goat cabbage puzzle)
  • uppaal smart lamp demo
not possible for demo:
  • Neopost internship Marten Sijtema
  • student work in greece (2009?)
  • student work in italy (2011)
usability as demo unknown:
  • wireless sensor node testing


potential demo: not usable as demo:
  • highway tolling system
  • storm surge barrier control (oosterschelde kering)
  • Easylink
  • Tangram case